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after level 27?

The quotes for cut scenes "after level 27" don't look kosher to me. How could he say "Smote that Kerrek" if the arcade game predated the Kerrek Email?
MetaStar 21:09, 25 Sep 2004 (MST)

I'm not seeing anything that says the Trogdor game was created before the interview email. Dragon and Interview were only a month apart. Even so, TBC could still have added it in later. "Smote that Kerreck" is plainly there, just fast forward a little. He's also listed in the credits when you beat the game. The Brothers E

Wowzers, ok. So, how does one "Fast forward"? is this a right-click-menu flash "forward" command or some other form of strangeness? :) Thanks!
MetaStar 12:11, 26 Sep 2004 (MST)

Fast-fowarding, *URGENT*

PPLLEEAASSEE!!! Won't somebody tell me how to fast-foward past level 27?!!? The whole game's a joke until you get there; it's IMPOSSIBLE!!! Please, anybody, notice this message board, and tell me how to FF past that one level. Thank you so much...I would be immensely obliged! -Justin Hack 10/09/04

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