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Strongbadzone is extremely similar to Red Alarm, a game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. The red line 3-D graphics, and even the face on the wall shooting geometric shapes. Too bad it never said "Your head a splode," though.

Agreed. -Justin Hack 10/09/04

"I Strong Bad! I hunger!" is probably a reference to Sinistar, an arcade game famous for its menacing digitized quotes, including "I live! I hunger!" The voice clips for Strong Bad Zone are similar in style to these quotes.

Also, the giant Strong Bad head could be a reference to the giant-head villains that would taunt you between rounds in Sega/Gremlin's vector arcade games Space Fury and Zektor.

Or, the Strong Bad head may be a reference to Andross from StarFox on the SNES. Their similarities are: they are both shaped like a head, and they both shoot square projectiles from their mouths.


How do I make it say "BACK OFF BABY"? I read somewhere that you can do so, and when I used a seek bar bookmarklet, I saw that "BACK OFF BABY" is in the game, so how do I make it say "BACK OFF BABY"? -woddfellow2|

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Why is Strong Bad Zone at StrongBadZone if the game's title is clearly Strong Bad Zone?—StrongstarRunbad 12:12, 9 Jan 2005 (MST)

Image:StrongBadZone.PNG looks like StrongBadZone to me. -- Tom 09:37, 10 Jan 2005 (MST)
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