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How in the world can you defeat every enemy.. I think you skip them.

I tried to add the walkthrough:

Level 5.2

  • Climb up the ladders, avoiding the Downtant's fire.
  • Kick the Downtants to death before proceeding up each ladder.
  • If you get hurt on the way up the ladders you can jump off at the left for a capsule.
  • As soon as you reach the top of the ladders, jump to the right, avoiding all of the spikes in the process.
  • After running right, jump on to the first moving platform, wait for the Downtant to attach, jump to the next moving platform, and quickly jump to the stopped one.
  • If you go up, climb the ladder on the right, and jump to the moving platform between the Uptant's fire.
  • Jump over the Astromunds and kill the Chorch. Jump down the ladder.
  • You can simply jump off the right side and you'll clear the Kolkaryu and the Piedmonts
  • Move to the Piedmont, but move back quickly to avoid the Kolkaryu.
  • Go between the Piedmonts and jump to avoid the Kolkaryu (there may be other ways to avoid him.)
  • Take the capsule; you can't come back and get it later.
  • If you go on the top platform:
  • Avoid the Bendini Sister and the Kolkaryu when crossing the next platform.
  • On the moving platform, jump over the spike and avoid the Piedmont's attack.
  • Jump off
  • Dodge the Downtant's attack and the Bendini Sister.
  • Dodge the Downtant's attack and the Bendini Sister, again.
  • Add whatever you do after that on this walkthrough.

Before I posted someone else started thiers. Can someone merge these?

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