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I don't know if it's necessary to put them on the main page, but since I work in television news, here are the technical terms for some of those events that appear:

  • Toons: Homestar's name appears. It's called one of several things:
    • CG (short for "Character Generator," the name of the device that makes them)
    • Chyron (the name of a company that makes a very good character generator)
    • Lower Third (because, if you split the screen into three horizonal strips, it appears in the lower third)
  • Characters: The headline/picture combination is usually called an OTS, short for Over The Shoulder because it appears, well, over the anchor's shoulder.
  • Downloads: Strong Bad's weather map is shown with a technique called chroma key (or, sometimes bluescreen or greenscreen). The origin of that phrase is too complex to describe here.

Also, the "Channel 4" logo that appears at the lower-right corner of the screen is called a bug. --oddtodd 14:15, 19 Nov 2004 (MST)

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