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How do you get The Cheat to fly through the air without scoring anything?

Click anywhere on the screen and select the button using tab, then press enter.
You can also do it if you tap the mouse very lightly, if you time it correctly.

Is there a list anywhere in what toons Strong Bad actually kicks The Cheat? For some reason, I can't think of many when he actually kicks The Cheat.

little animal, for one.
He threatens to kick The Cheat a couple times at the end of caper.
He tells Homestar to give The Cheat (hiding under the box)a "swift kick in The Cheat" in replacement
He also mentions "Kickin' Cheats 'till the day I die" in replacement

(see discussion at

Strong Bad's pants

Could this be more proof that Strong Bad's pants are actually blue/purple and not black with purple shadows? - EMJS

Over the wall

Is it possible to kick The Cheat over the wall?

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