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It doesn't make a lot of sense to make this anything other than a redirect page to the Wikipedia entry. All the pages within the Homestar Runner Wiki universe sort of "assume" you have been briefed on the basics of what Homestar Runner is, and it seems that if you haven't been, then the Wikipedia entry is exactly the aerial view you are looking for...

I do not think so. If we are the second site google have to offer when searching for Homestar Runner, poeple who are new to this world would like to know more. Think of this. A guy likes wikis and is a member in one, but doesnt know what Homestar is. He gets a link to some SBEmail via mail and enjoys it. forget about is for a few days and than want to see it again. He searches Google for it and found us just under the main site. "Wow! A wiki about this great site! Maybe I sould start reading it so I can fund out all those Easter Eggs" And so on. E.L. Cool 11:00, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

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