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[edit] Fast-Forwarded Dialogue

I've been trying to decipher what Strong Bad says during the sped-up bit. So far, this is what I've got, with gibberish simulating the incomprehensible parts.

"Ugh, I have no idea where I am, because it's impossible to ouert myself, because the lents keep changing burlur, because a programmer just shunt tilumin shumt dedele programmers! Ugh, I shouldn't have done these. I just wanna... I just wish ulu guncheh borp porble".

If anyone has any interpretations or have managed to decipher it more professionally than me, let me know.

I slowed it down and this is what I made out:
"Ugh, I have no idea where I am, because it's impossible to orient myself, because the walls keep changing color, because apparently this is some type of psychedelic colorful maze! {pant} Please color maze, I just want- I just wish I brought some graph paper!"
Even slowed down the last sentence is kinda hard to make out but the rest I'm pretty sure about. TheOneAndOnlyDanky 04:01, 14 February 2021 (UTC)
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