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[edit] Transformers?

It also bears a rsemblance to one of the transformers Starscream.

I think this is TTATOT, as there's nothing tying it to that specific plane. If it were to transform into a Giant Robotic Halloween Night Finding Space Panther, then i might agree, but as it stands, there doesn't seem to be anything really connecting the two. In addition, Starscream is an F-15, whereas Crackotage's plane is an F-14. The two planes are very similar in design, however, even if crackotage's plane WERE an F-15, i'd still just say that the plane and the transformer are just based on the same real-world plane. — Defender1031*Talk 15:57, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

I looked on 'kipedia. It doesn't look it it. Only the red stripe looks like Starscream. Also, TTATOT. User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man 16:03, 2 December 2007 (UTC)
Friends, let an old-timer fill you in. Crackotage's plane is almost certainly an F-14 Tomcat, because that is the plane that Ace, the first fighter pilot to join the G.I. Joe team, flew. I remember getting my G.I. Joe "Skystriker XP-14F" like it was yesterday: six missles, swing wings that were on the same switch as the landing gear (annoying), and little parachutes for the ejection seats. Plus Ace was dressed up in this absurdly goofy spacesuit-looking thing. Also, Ace was an _Air Force_ pilot, but there he was in a Navy plane. Ah, the 80's. Once the Joes got their own cartoon show, you hardly ever saw Ace, because like every single member of the team got to fly his or her own F-14 now whenever the story called for air combat. But I digress.
Actually, to me the red stripe makes it look like the original "Skyfire" transformers toy. Which looked nothing like the cartoon animation model, as it was a redeco of a Veritech/Valkyrie transforming mecha from Robotech/Macross, that transformed into an F-14-like twin-jet. See:
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