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It was suggested on Bubs discussion that all the items he's sold be listed. Sounded good to me, but figured it should belong on this page. I threw this together for comments (not complete). What's the best way to list this (or how much space do we want to use up with this list)? Similar to how I have it here, or each item individually? Is the title of the toon(s)-of-origin enough?

Known Items Sold

Whoa, that's cool. I added it to the page. -- Tom 11:19, 8 Feb 2005 (MST)
Thanks, I added as much more as I could readily think of and find, and cleaned up a little. I seem to recall some other times when characters may have referred to items they got from Bubs (like in the KoT E-mail), but can't remember specifically. Still like to see a better way to list this, but any other way would probably take up too much space.
BTW: while looking for this stuff I seem to have discovered that the popcorn machine coincides with the sign reading "Concessions by Bubs", as seen in A Jumping Jack Contest,The Best Decemberween Ever,Where's The Cheat? (the only toons I've noticed). Not sure if this is interesting enough to note anywhere... --BaconSandwich 00:13, 10 Feb 2005 (MST)
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