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Its possible to set the number of lives to 58- just click the 5 and type "8"

Then, its also possible to stop the homestars from falling;

after about 2000 points, the homestars don't fall for a very long time. Then, they seem to only fall where your strong bad is positioned. I kept that up for a period of time, and then I moved my strong bad- Nothing else fell!

You can get several hundred (maybe thousand?) lives. For example, if you place the cursor after the 5 and press 0 twice, the number will appear to be 50, but it's actually 500.

Also, I got a score over 10,000, so the statement that 7500 is the max appears to be wrong.

Finally, Homestar stopped falling eventually (after falling in the same place for a while) even though I wasn't cheating. I had previously cheated, so maybe it's possible that it "remembered" somehow.

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