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P comma Peacey

Several characters carry various Symbols and Logos on their bodies.

Character or Group Description Example

Main Characters' Symbols

Homestar Runner A white star on his chest
Coach Z His "Z" medallion worn as a necklace
Strong Mad An "M" on his chest (though in a few of the early toons, it does not appear) I'M STRONG MAD!
Homsar His name in white letters written across his chest
The King of Town His crown

Other Characters' Symbols

Peacey P A peace symbol, a "y", and a "P" Y'all biscuitheads.
The Thnikkaman "tH" written on a piece of paper "Yeah, shut up kid."

Pseudocharacters' Symbols

Carol Her name is on her lower bout
Lappy 486 Its Lappy 486 logo
Compy 386 Its Compy 386 logo
Tandy 400 A star based on the old bitten Apple Logo
Corpy NT6 A futuristic red and black logo

Group Logos

The Municipality The King of Town's face with angry eyes and an menacing mouth We're onto you.
Cool Tapes The band's name in spraypaint letters
Limozeen The band's name with a lightning bolt resembling a "Z"
Blue Laser A triangle with a "BL" on it Fan-freaking'-tastic!
Videlectrix Its name with a big, shiny, blue "V" GOOD GRAPHICS!!
sloshy Its name is upside down, with a red "o" We don't really even care about you.
Strong Badia Its flag has the snake and tire on it
Pistols For Pandas Has a panda with pistols for eyebrows and the initials PFP overhead They need all the firepower they can get.
Taranchula Red Letters in the form of bloody fangs Jah. We are Taranchula.
SBASAF "SBASAF", a rocket, and some stars. The sStrong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil.

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