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The Land Of Madness

Sweet Puttin' Cakes is a mini-golf course based on the characters of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. It is a place where physics and logic are not applicable like, as Strong Bad describes, the show itself. It can only be reached by thinking about miniature golf and being fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to simply appear there without explanation. The only way out is to will yourself back to your own reality. It features a variety of holes and a water feature in which Homestar Runner finds a bra.

Holes and Features

  • Wormhole — This first hole features The Worm, who moves the hole saying "Get your own." It then takes a bite out of the ball, out of which comes many worms biting each other. This hole also features a metal Sherlock-shaped tunnel. Par 1010.
  • Eh!th, Steve! hole — This hole features Eh! Steve!, who shouts his name if you sink the putt. The Wheelchair is also hidden beneath a tile.
  • Statch! — This "statue hole" features a simple statue of The Wheelchair outside the field of play. The hole is only one foot from the tee.
  • Blue Family Recreation Water — This is a water feature coming out of Ready for Primetime's mouth. According to Strong Bad, it is "just begging for kids to either drink it or pee in it, or worse, BOTH!". Homestar goes snorkeling in the water, claiming to find some "exotic marine life", but all he really finds are cigarette butts and a bra. This water feature acts as a water hazard for a hole which features a bridge that goes over it. Rising and receding bumps on this hole are capable of popping balls up and into the water. Par 2 O.
  • Drive-Thru Whale hole — This hole, featuring the Drive-Thru Whale, doesn't actually have any hole. Par, please. There appears to be another hole featuring the Drive-Thru Whale, which has multiple holes.
  • Eighteenth hole — This last hole, which is par , is on a small piece of land floating in space. It appears to be neverending; when the ball goes down the hole, it falls down, only to reappear above the golfer and fall back where it started, according to strong bad, it will "go on forever if you let it".


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