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Three "fines" of ground muddy goodness

Super Mud is a product mentioned in the Strong Bad Email date. "Mud" is a common slang term for cheap coffee, and the "fine, fine, fine ground" label has a double meaning: well-milled coffee beans, or high-quality dirt. Despite the references to coffee on the packaging, it can be assumed to actually be mud from remarks on the DVD commentary. In either case, Super Mud has a poor taste compared to the high quality promised on the label. Super Mud is sold in 40-ounce cans.

While Homestar Runner was on a date with Marzipan, Strong Bad — watching from his "New Secret Security Camera Monitor" — switched Homestar's gourmet coffee with Super Mud. Homestar was shocked by the taste and immediately spat it out onto Marzipan's face, much to Strong Bad's enjoyment. In the DVD commentary, Marzipan claims that it was actually chocolate.


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