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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="stuckincraw.swf" width="550" height="400">

<line start="9" end="42" speaker="strongbad">The Homestar Runner gets something stuck in his craw.</line>
<line start="66" end="116" speaker="strongbad">Everyone loves The Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete.</line>
<line start="117" end="158" speaker="strongbad">Once a time, he was in the field doing some yard work.</line>
<line start="159" end="206">
  <bookhomestar>This yard work is hard work!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>quipped The Homestar Runner.</strongbad>
<line start="207" end="249" speaker="strongbad">Strong Bad and his The Cheat rolled up and started talking smack.</line>
<line start="250" end="317" speaker="bookstrongbad">You look dumb and stuff! Doing yardwork is only for the losèriest of losers!</line>
<line start="318" end="367" speaker="strongbad">The Homestar Runner was saddened by this bit of news and felt ashamed.</line>
<line start="372" end="401" speaker="bookhomestar">I never want to be a loser again!</line>
<line start="402" end="436">
  <bookhomestar>I never want to be a loser again!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>he said, and somersaulted away.</strongbad>
<line start="437" end="509" speaker="strongbad">He somersaulted around the world fifty times and only stopped because he was really tired.</line>
<line start="510" end="535">
  <strongbad>said The Homestar Runner.</strongbad>
<line start="550" end="601" speaker="strongbad">Just then it felt like a small animal tried to burst out of The Homestar Runner's craw.</line>
<line start="605" end="652">
  <strongsad>That is unsightly and make it go away!</strongsad>
  <strongbad>shrieked some fat girl.</strongbad>
<line start="655" end="698">
  <bookhomestar>Something is stuck in my craw!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>declared The Homestar Runner.</strongbad>
<line start="699" end="778" speaker="strongbad">For days upon days, he slinked around town trying to hide whatever it was that was stuck in his craw.</line>
<line start="780" end="811" speaker="strongbad">One day he put a wig on it.</line>
<line start="812" end="877">
  <coachz>That's one nice wig ya got on your craw growth job there Homestar Runguy!</coachz>
  <strongbad>pronounced Coach Zee.</strongbad>
<line start="878" end="926" speaker="strongbad">Another day, he painted it green and drew some stripes on it.</line>
<line start="927" end="983">
  <bubs>Man! When is that nasty thing gonna go away-way?!</bubs>
  <strongbad>queried Bubs.</strongbad>
<line start="984" end="1029" speaker="strongbad">Finally he asked the Ghost of Christmas Suck what to do.</line>
<line start="1030" end="1083">
  <strongsad>Sensible people solve their problems with words, not disguisès,</strongsad>
  <strongbad>advised <span style="visibility:hidden"><span style="font-size:0.8em">Strong Sad.</span></span></strongbad>
<line start="1084" end="1103">
  <strongsad>Sensible people solve their problems with words, not disguisès,</strongsad>
  <strongbad>advised <span style="font-size:0.8em">Strong Sad.</span></strongbad>
<line start="1104" end="1137" speaker="strongbad">So The Homestar Runner tried talking to his craw lump.</line>
<line start="1138" end="1159" speaker="bookhomestar">Why don't you just go away?</line>
<line start="1160" end="1175">
  <bookhomestar>Why don't you just go away?</bookhomestar>
<line start="1176" end="1193">
  <bookhomestar>Why don't you just go away?</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>But it didn't answer.</strongbad>
<line start="1194" end="1218" speaker="bookhomestar">I just wish I knew where you came from.</line>
<line start="1219" end="1235">
  <bookhomestar>I just wish I knew where you came from.</bookhomestar>
<line start="1236" end="1252">
  <bookhomestar>I just wish I knew where you came from.</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>Still no answer.</strongbad>
<line start="1269" end="1322" speaker="strongbad">Just then, Strong Bad and The Cheat walked up and started laughing their rear ends off.</line>
<line start="1323" end="1411">
  <bookstrongbad>Ha ha ha ha ha! That guy is talking to a thing that's not a person,</bookstrongbad>
  <strongbad>cackled Strong Bad with sort of a nose.</strongbad>
<line start="1412" end="1436" speaker="bookhomestar">Hey, you leave him outta this!</line>
<line start="1437" end="1474" speaker="strongbad">Right about that time, the thing stuck in his craw popped out!</line>
<line start="1475" end="1479" speaker="sfx">pop</line>
<line start="1484" end="1521">
  <bookhomestar>Land's end!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>yelped The Homestar Runner.</strongbad>
<line start="1522" end="1583" speaker="strongbad">The craw object, or crawbject, unfurled and was revealed to be</line>
<line start="1584" end="1618" speaker="strongbad">A red shirt with a big white star!</line>
<line start="1619" end="1665">
  <bookhomestar>That is one pointy duck!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>said the smartest person in the world.</strongbad>
<line start="1666" end="1698">
  <bubs>Don't you look a sight,</bubs>
  <strongbad>said Bubs?</strongbad>
<line start="1699" end="1762">
  <coachz>Now I can truly see that you're a terrific airthlete,</coachz>
  <strongbad>realized Coach Zee.</strongbad>
<line start="1763" end="1817">
  <bookhomestar>I couldn't have done it without my craw!!</bookhomestar>
  <strongbad>said The Homestar Runner.</strongbad>
<line start="1818" end="1875" speaker="strongbad">Then he somersaulted to Mars and brought them all back meatball subs.</line>
<line start="1876" end="1942">
  <bookstrongbad>I still hate you and later on, you gonna get cut,</bookstrongbad>
  <strongbad>threatened tuff-as-nails Strong Bad.</strongbad>
<line start="1943" end="1972" speaker="bookhomestar">Oh, Strong Bad! <span style="visibility:hidden">Ding!</span></line>
<line start="1973" end="1992" speaker="bookhomestar">Oh, Strong Bad! Ding!</line>
<line start="1998" end="2010" speaker="sfx">ding</line>
<line start="2011" end="2053" speaker="homestar">Bravo Strong Bad! You simply must read one more!</line>
<line start="2056" end="2082" speaker="strongbad">Ohh, fine, fine. So I shall.</line>
<line start="2083" end="2122" speaker="strongbad">How about The Strong Sad Wets Yonder Bed?</line>
<line start="2124" end="2145" speaker="strongsad">There is no such kids' book!</line>
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