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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail186.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="16" end="99" speaker="strongbad">I'm chicky-checkin' emails in 2008! Stricky-stricky-Strong Bad fit to regulate!</line>
<line start="100" end="112" speaker="strongbad">"Dear Strong Bad,</line>
<line start="113" end="201" speaker="strongbad">"We realize that you are a busy fellow, but my friend and I cannot help but think that you could be doing more to help the environment.</line>
<line start="202" end="227" speaker="strongbad">"This is your planet too, you know.</line>
<line start="228" end="271" speaker="strongbad">"Lyd and Jules, Idiot and Moron, respectively."</line>
<line start="272" end="329" speaker="strongbad">Well...ladies? I do plenty to help the environment.</line>
<line start="330" end="378" speaker="strongbad">Nobody ever gives me credit for my most significant contribution.</line>
<line start="379" end="456" speaker="strongbad">Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is NOT drop a piano on Marzipan's head.</line>
<line start="457" end="550" speaker="strongbad">Who knows how many greenhouse gases I've rescued as a result of not mortally wounding ol' Marzipole.</line>
<line start="551" end="610" speaker="strongbad">And don't forget my New Year's resolution to stop watering her plants with bleach.</line>
<line start="611" end="661" speaker="strongbad">Now I water them strictly with recycled cigarette butts.</line>
<line start="662" end="693" speaker="other" sfx="sfx">coughs</line>
<line start="694" end="719" speaker="other">Oh, that's good stuff.</line>
<line start="720" end="766"><strongbad>So, there ya go possibly ladies. My boat take..</strongbad><strongsad volume="0.5">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</strongsad><marzipan volume="0.5">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</marzipan></line>
<line start="767" end="787"><strongsad volume="0.8">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</strongsad><marzipan volume="0.8">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</marzipan></line>
<line start="788" end="809"><strongsad volume="0.8">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</strongsad><marzipan volume="0.8">Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</marzipan><strongbad>What the...?</strongbad></line>
<line start="810" end="840"><strongsad>Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</strongsad><marzipan>Scrappy the Lappy! We think it's really crappy!</marzipan><!--<text>"Scrappy the Lappy" "Lappy, Take the Dirt Nappy!"</text>--></line>
<line start="841" end="869" speaker="strongbad">Are you guys picketing my computer?</line>
<line start="870" end="908" speaker="marzipan">Yes we are! That Lappy is energy sappy!</line>
<line start="909" end="941" speaker="strongbad">That's very clever. How long did it take you to think up-</line>
<line start="942" end="960" speaker="strongsad">Three days.</line>
<line start="961" end="992" speaker="marzipan">Just look at your power bill from last month.</line>
<line start="993" end="1045" speaker="strongsad">The bill itself uses eight trees' worth of paper.</line>
<line start="1046" end="1101" speaker="strongbad">Are you trying to tell me that $70,000 power bills aren't the norm?</line>
<line start="1102" end="1155" speaker="marzipan">Strong Bad, every time you press enter on the Lappy, the rest of us lose power.</line>
<line start="1156" end="1170" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">For real?</line>
<line start="1171" end="1180" speaker="strongbad">tuckus...</line>
<line start="1181" end="1185" speaker="sfx">clang!</line>
<line start="1186" end="1195" speaker="strongbad">hinders...</line>
<line start="1196" end="1199" speaker="sfx">clang!</line>
<line start="1200" end="1209" speaker="strongbad">bwathom...</line>
<line start="1210" end="1216" speaker="sfx">clang!</line>
<line start="1217" end="1229" speaker="strongbad">boontockle...</line>
<line start="1230" end="1237" speaker="sfx">clang!</line>
<line start="1238" end="1247" speaker="homestar">I'm about to win!</line>
<line start="1248" end="1270"><sfx>powering down sound</sfx><homestar>Awww...</homestar></line>
<line start="1271" end="1283" speaker="homestar">I'm about to win!</line>
<line start="1284" end="1302"><sfx>powering down sound</sfx><homestar>Awww...</homestar></line>
<line start="1303" end="1321"><homestar>I'm really about to win!</homestar><!--<text>Please insert Game Pak, Kid!</text>--></line>
<line start="1322" end="1327"><sfx>powering down sound</sfx><homestar>Again with the awww...</homestar><!--<text>Please insert Game Pak, Kid!</text>--></line>
<line start="1328" end="1348"><sfx>powering down sound</sfx><homestar>Again with the awww...</homestar></line>
<line start="1349" end="1387" speaker="strongbad">Fine! I'll just start using the Lappy's battery instead.</line>
<line start="1388" end="1485" speaker="strongsad">Uh, sorry. Every time you use that battery, 45 acres of rain forest are burned to the ground!</line>
<line start="1486" end="1554" speaker="strongbad">Whoa! I knew the Lappy was awesome, but I had no idea of her destructive power!</line>
<line start="1555" end="1619" speaker="strongbad">I gotta get Bubs to help me to overclock it and see if we can't get that up to an even 50 acres.</line>
<line start="1620" end="1689" speaker="marzipan">You really have to do something, Strong Bad. Even Coach Z does all of his cooking with hydroelectric.</line>
<line start="1690" end="1774" speaker="coachz" voiceover="voiceover">Ah, the world famous Coach Z Sog Dog. Mmmm... Drink In That Bun!</line>
<line start="1775" end="1856" speaker="strongbad">Wait. So, alls I got to do is take something I already do and word it differently so it sounds eco-friendly?</line>
<line start="1857" end="1879" speaker="marzipan">Yeah, that's what we do mostly.</line>
<line start="1880" end="1920" speaker="strongsad">Check out my sustainable MP3 player.</line>
<line start="1921" end="1957" speaker="marzipan">And my organic Thelma and Louise DVD.</line>
<line start="1958" end="2025" speaker="strongbad">Yeah, yeah, okay. And say hello to my 65 mile per gallon hybrid piano!</line>
<line start="2026" end="2040"><strongsad>Al Gore's beard!</strongsad><marzipan>Al Gore's Beard!</marzipan></line>
<line start="2041" end="2066" speaker="sfx">crash-dong</line>
<line start="2067" end="2108" speaker="strongbad">So there, there, THERE we go, maybe ladies.</line>
<line start="2109" end="2190" speaker="strongbad">Strong Bad and the environment are now making out in the parent's basement of a solar-powered house.</line>
<line start="2191" end="2249" speaker="strongbad">Take a look at the Lappy's new environmentally compliant sticker compliance sticker!</line>
<line start="2250" end="2312" speaker="strongbad">And it's got a picture of a little leaf on it, so you know it's good for the environment.</line>
<line start="2313" end="2337" speaker="strongbad">So until next week, my boat take...</line>
<line start="2338" end="2357"><sfx>powering down noise</sfx><thecheat>tired The Cheat noises</thecheat></line>
<line start="2358" end="2378"><strongbad>Come on green The Cheat!</strongbad><thecheat>tired The Cheat noises</thecheat></line>
<line start="2379" end="2406"><thecheat>The Cheat noises</thecheat><sfx>hamster wheel spinning sound</sfx></line>
<line start="2407" end="2462"><thecheat>The Cheat noises</thecheat><strongbad>That's good, that's good! Only 17 more hours and I can press send.</strongbad><sfx>hamster wheel spinning sound</sfx></line>
<line start="2463" end="2495"><newpaper>shuffling sounds</newpaper><sfx>hamster wheel spinning sound</sfx></line>
<line start="2496" end="2547"><!-- <text>Click gently to eco-mail Strong Bad. Printed on 100% post-consumer brown paper with green ink</text> --><sfx>hamster wheel spinning sound</sfx></line>
<line start="2607" end="2655" speaker="strongbad">Wow. That is one whisper quiet hamster wheel.</line>
<line start="2665" end="2681" speaker="strongbad">Boat take...</line>
<line start="2682" end="2689" speaker="sfx">clang!</line>
<line start="2700" end="2741"><homestar>This is the easiest video game I've ever played.</homestar><!--<text>Please insert Game Pak, Kid!</text>--></line>
<line start="2742" end="2773" speaker="sfx">powering down sound</line>
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