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To request that another language be added to the list, please put a note on HRWiki talk:Subtitles.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <language xml:lang="en">English</language>
 <language xml:lang="de">Deutsch</language>
 <language xml:lang="he" dir="rtl">עברית</language>
 <language xml:lang="es">Español</language>
 <language xml:lang="fr">Français</language>
 <language xml:lang="nl">Nederlands</language>
 <language xml:lang="fi">Suomi</language>
 <language xml:lang="pl">Polski</language>
 <language xml:lang="pt-br">Português do Brasil</language>
 <language xml:lang="tr">Türkçe</language>
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