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|[[Image:StrongSadBeach.png|150px]] || [[The Blacksmith]]'s working gear || [[Somber Vacation]]
|[[Image:StrongSadBeach.png|150px]] || [[The Blacksmith]]'s working gear || [[Somber Vacation]]
|[[Image:Sstiretrack.png|150px]] || A tire track across his body and a lemonade stand sign in his knee
[[Category:Other Costumes]]
[[Category:Other Costumes]]

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The different costumes of Strong Sad.

Image Costume Seen in
Green Scarf The Best Decemberween Ever, Main Page 16
Yellow sweater Decemberween Email Menu
With Foreign Leadership Camp shirt Email anything
A Strong Badian forefather Email colonization
With Coach Z's hat Email caffeine
Homestarmy soldier Email army
Evil (with horns and a tail) Email different town
Titan Calibos Email different town
With a witch hat Email theme park
Grim Reaper Experimental Film, Email trading cards
With swimming goggles and a swimming cap Email other days
"The Sturge" T-shirt Email radio
With The Blue Ones Bug In Mouth Disease
A goth TrogdorCon '97
"This is not a The Geddup Noise T-shirt" T-shirt Email geddup noise
"Corporate The Geddup Noise still sucks" T-shirt Email geddup noise
A snowman Fall Float Parade
An astronaut Sketchbook, Email senior prom,
Ever and More!
"I'm with gluten camp" T-shirt Weclome Back
"Prancibald" Email trading cards
Bearded lady Email retirement
Bibendum Email your funeral
With a tie Email your funeral
Wearing a leotard Email your funeral
Wearing glasses Email rough copy, Email business trip,
Email winter pool
With a moustache Quality Time
Wearing a sloshy T-shirt Email concert
Head wrapped in towel, cucumbers on eyes Email concert
Gardenboy Email yes, wrestling
Goth-style fishnet gloves Email nightlife
Deletehead member Email fan club
Twelve-Times-a-Day Man Email fan club
Wearing an inflatable vest Strong Bad Gameways
In a blown up inflatable vest Strong Bad Gameways
"Restricted!" protester Email rated
"Holy Crap!" protester Email rated
The Blacksmith's working gear Somber Vacation
A tire track across his body and a lemonade stand sign in his knee
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