Strong Sad Evolution

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Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early Strong Sad sketches Sept. 1996 Museum Sketchbook N/A
More early Strong Sad sketches Sept. 1996 Sketchbook N/A
Even more early Strong Sad sketches Sept. 1996 Sketchbook, flashback (bottom right), Main Page 20 (bottom right) N/A
The first Strong Sad design 1996 Super NES N/A
The second design 2000 Marshmallow's Last Stand, Old Characters Page White and gray instead of dark yellow and bluish gray, rounder shape, now has fingers.
The third design 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest More realistic design, eyes further apart, longer arms. His belly button is shaded now.

The fourth design 2000 Theme Song Video, The Luau, Homestarloween Party, A Holiday Greeting, A Jorb Well Done, The House that Gave Sucky Treats, depressio, The Interview, Yearbook Character Page Coloured outline.

The current design 2001 The Best Decemberween Ever to current Rounder, eyes are more glossy, outline is thicker, chest is slightly darker, advanced shading, shorter arms.
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