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Strong Sad listening to his iPod

Strong Sad has owned multiple iPods, portable music players created by Apple. Strong Sad uses the iconic white headphones that were included with iPods to listen to his music.

The first iPod he was seen with was an iPod Classic (referred to simply as an "iPod" at the time), from the first or second-generation, although it only has one auxilary button around the scroll wheel rather than the iPod's four buttons. Additionally, since "Songs" appears on the screen instead of "Browse", it is probably running iPod software version 1.5 or newer; this may indicate it is a second-generation iPod. Strong Sad uses the iPod to listen to Strong Bad's "Song About Sibbie". Later, it is seen among Strong Bad and The Cheat's stolen goods in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon.

In 2006, a fifth-generation iPod was seen on the Podstar Runner page; it is unknown if this iPod belonged to Strong Sad.

In the email environment, Strong Sad shows off a new iPod, which he describes as a "sustainable MP3 player". This is a first-generation iPod Touch. This same iPod appears in the background of the 2008 iteration of the Podstar Runner page.


iPod Classic:

iPod Touch:

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