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Secrets everywhere...

Strong Sad keeps a box of memories under his bed. Inside the box are four objects: a film reel, a snow globe, a framed picture, and a homemade birthday card written by Lil' Strong Bad to Lil' Strong Sad. Below are descriptions of the four items. This page is found in a link from the user profile on Strong Sad's Lament.

Page Title: The Secrets That I Keep

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc One (Easter egg)


[edit] Contents and Transcript

[edit] Happy Birthbday Kard

mom says I
have to make
you this
-Strong Bab

p.s. i'm going
to punsh you
in the back!!

[edit] The Film Reel

{Lil' Strong Sad standing around outside in autumn with a scarf on. He waves to the camera. Lil' Strong Bad jumps out of a pile of leaves and chases Little Strong Sad. Zooms in on their heads, Strong Bad jumps on top of Strong Sad and starts giving him a noogie. They both start laughing. The film repeats.}

[edit] Snow Globe

The snow globe contains a pink-haired troll doll standing on a snowy tropical island. The snow globe is labeled "You're Number 1."

[edit] Picture

Strong Bad and Strong Sad as kids in a picture.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The box is labeled "fond reminiscences".
  • The tree in the movie is used in the Halloween toons.
  • Originally, this could only be accessed by emailing Strong Sad ( Strong Sad would reply with the link, regardless of what one's email read. To access it now, go to Strong Sad's Lament, click on his profile, and click on the word "none" in the pop-up that appears.
  • This page came out later as an Easter egg in the DVD version of depressio.

[edit] Remarks

  • This shows that Strong Bad may have once been nice to Strong Sad.
  • Strong Sad has a belly button in the video and picture, suggesting that this took place after Lil' Strong Bad got his electric drill (as seen in origins).
  • Using the Tab key, it is possible to open up more than one thing at a time. The snowglobe is always on top of the card and the picture, and the card always ends up on top of the picture. The movie is on top of them all. When the snowglobe is open (along with other objects) and the movie is opened, it covers up the snowglobe. When the movie is closed, the snowglobe disappears, even though the other objects are still there.
  • The back button simply closes the Easter egg page. If the page is accessed directly, the button does not work.

[edit] Inside References

  • The snow globe could be a reference to the commentary from the Yello Dello DVD, where Strong Sad mentions when he wore an old T-shirt at school that said "I'm #1."

[edit] Real-World References

  • The shirt that Strong Sad is wearing in the photo is the same one worn by Charlie Brown.
  • The vest that Strong Bad wears is the same one worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future.
  • The URL of the site is a reference to The Wonder Years, a well-known late 1980s–early '90s coming-of-age TV show starring Fred Savage and Danica McKellar.
  • The page title of this cartoon is a probable reference to the chorus of the 1980s-era song by The Romantics, "Talking in Your Sleep," which has the lyrics:
    I hear the secrets that you keep
    When you're talkin' in your sleep
  • The name for the Flash file of the movie reel is super8.swf. Super 8 is a film format created in 1960 and released 1965 by Kodak. It was widely used for amateur movies before videotape, and is probably a reference to the film reel containing the home movie. The Brothers Chaps used this to make movies in their childhood.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • It is revealed that Strong Sad keeps his DNA evidence in the very same box in DNA Evidence.
  • Li'l Strong Sad is later seen wearing his Charlie Brown shirt in the paper.

[edit] External Links

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