Strong Mad and Strong Sad's Relationship

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"Every hour at the main stage..."

The relationship between the eldest and youngest of The Brothers Strong is mostly antagonistic. Usually at Strong Bad's request, Strong Mad will pummel, deck, or otherwise harm Strong Sad. There have, however, been cases in which the two get along cooperatively.


Strong Mad Harming Strong Sad

  • Email theme park — Strong Mad continually body slams into Strong Sad as part of the "Strong Sad Gets Decked Repeatedly Stunt SPOOK-tacular".
  • Email stunt double — Strong Mad punches Strong Sad (as Strong Bad's stunt double) in the face.
  • Email date — For Strong Bad's amusement, Strong Mad punches Strong Sad in the face with a camera disguised as a class ring until Strong Sad has a visible fist imprint.
  • Strong Sad's Character Video Strong Sad says he "has two brothers who like to pummel [him] every hour on the hour" referring to Strong Mad and Strong Bad.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Strong Mad, along with Strong Bad and The Cheat, bury Strong Sad up to his armpits in the Spooky Woods.

More on Strong Mad and Strong Sad's Conflict

  • email caffiene — Strong Sad is on the ceiling and Strong Mad yells "GET DOWN!" and Strong Sad retorts "no!"

Strong Mad and Strong Sad Working Together

Strong Mad and Strong Sad getting along

Email extra plug Strong Mad, Strong Sad and The Cheat "watch" TV together and apperently enjoy it.


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