Strong Badia

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Flag of Strongbadia
(Strongbadia Flag)
Language English
Monarch Strong Bad
Population Tire
National anthem "Strongbadia National Anthem"
The landscape of Strongbadia

Strongbadia is the field behind the dumpster that is ruled over by Strong Bad. He introduced his monarchy in i rule. In the Strong Bad Email colonization, he tells the story of how it was founded, which took place around the time that the wireless web was invented when Strong Bad started renting the land from Bubs.

Citizens of Strongbadia include Strong Bad, The Cheat, the Tire, the Stop Sign, and the Cinderblock. However, the official population of Strongbadia, as recorded on the Stop Sign, is "Tire." In the email 2 years, it was revealed that, in two years' time, the population will have tripled to also include Bundt Cake Pan and Coach Z (taking a leak). The Cheat will also have painted a mural on the fence, reading "FIReWORKS or die," and there will be a world class hole.

Local news in Strongbadia

Strongbadia also has its own local news.

In the email flag day, Strong Bad sings the Strongbadia National Anthem, which can also be heard on the Strong Bad Sings CD, and the flag of Strongbadia is first shown.

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