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Strong Bad checking more than one email in an email episode is fairly rare and is usually because of an occasion or event or a request.

Strong Bad once attempted to check 50 emails, but because of a call from an unknown person (presumably a poacher) asking about Strong Sad's elephant feet, Homestar Runner tries to check some of the email. Unfortunately, his efforts to to type DELETED! resulted in a flagrant system error, cutting Strong Bad's efforts short at four emails.


  • Debut: Email spring cleaning Strong Bad checks five emails and promptly deletes each one.
  • strongbad_email.exe Bonus Email #2 E-mail Birds — Strong Bad answers three emails on the Tandy.
  • Email sisters — Strong Bad accidently deletes the first email he gets and later receives a poorly written one.
  • Email 50 emails — Strong Bad checks two emails (and begins to check another before Homestar arrives and "answers" another two).
  • Email huttah! — The first five emails Strong Bad checks all show particular interest in the Cheat (he deletes them). The last two are all directed to him, but Strong Bad attempts to fool the Cheat into thinking they're for him.
  • Email 2 emails — Strong Bad can also be seen checking a third email during the fast-forwarding.
  • Email dreamail — Strong Bad makes up an additional email and answers it.
  • Email do over — Strong Bad re-answers two old emails.
  • Email theme song — Strong Bad can be seen answering an email in one of the theme song montages.
  • Email retirement — Strong Bad answers an email on each of his first two computers.
  • Email the chair — Strong Bad answers the second email, but his new chair obstructs almost the entire screen of the Lappy.
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