Strong Bad and The Cheat's Relationship

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Strong Bad and The Cheat's Relationship is a mix of several feelings. They work together a lot but Strong Bad is often a slave driver to him. Sometimes Strong Bad tortures The Cheat. Sometimes The Cheat betrays Strong Bad and sometimes works with someone else. Strong Bad is nice to The Cheat at times.

Strong Bad and The Cheat working together

Strong Bad being mean to The Cheat

  • Strong Bad frequently critizizes The Cheat's cartoons.
  • Email little animal: Strong Bad kicks The Cheat
  • Email funny: Strong Bad tells The Cheat clean up the ketchup mess that he made in the first place.
  • Email caper: Strong Bad gets maf The Cheat for messing up their past caper.
  • Email In a flashback Strong Bad kicks The Cheat.

The Cheat betraying Strong Bad

  • Email labor day: The Cheat, along with Strong Mad, goes to the labor day BBQ without Strong Bad.
  • Summer Short Shorts: The Cheatsaurus burns Caveman Strong Bad into a lobster.
  • Date Night: The Cheat ditches Strong Bad for a date with Marzipan.

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