Strong Bad and Bubs's Relationship

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"YEEOW! Hot bees!"

Strong Bad's relationship with Bubs is a mix of numerous feelings. More often than not, they get along well. Many times, Bubs does business with Strong Bad (and vice-versa), sometimes in dishonest ways. However, even these two have their brushes with each other once in a while.


Strong Bad and Bubs getting along

  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — Strong Bad, disguised as Homestar, gives Bubs' elaborate pumpkin a "not last place" ribbon.
  • Email personal favorites — Bubs builds Strong Bad a Grape Nuts Robot.
  • Email mile — Bubs comments on Strong Bad's cartwheeling over the jump over Bubs' 19 buses.
  • Email looking old — Bubs is one of the people Strong Bad calls to his emergency marketing meeting, referring to him as one of "the best, the brightest, the people I hate the least."
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad includes Bubs with the "good characters".

Strong Bad and Bubs working together

Strong Bad and Bubs conflicting with each other

  • A Jumping Jack Contest — Strong Bad and Bubs are two of the competitors in the titular competition.
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad bashes Bubs on the head with a Golden Record for "Everybody to the Limit".
  • Email the process — Bubs insults Strong Bad's email show, prompting The Cheat to give one of Bubs' feet a hot foot and getting the other into an active beehive.
  • Email virus — Bubs destroyed the virus by blasting it with a shotgun, but he also destroyed Strong Bad's Compy 386 in the process, leaving Strong Bad devastated.
  • Email part-time job — Strong Bad takes a job at Bubs' Concession Stand, but he can't take time off enough to end the email (Bubs had already berated him for being late), so he just quits.
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad says to Bubs, as well as Strong Mad, The Cheat, and Marzipan, "These are all terrible ideas. What do you think I'm not payin' ya for?"
  • Email original — Bubs is outraged with Strong Bad thinking he was not the original Bubs and that there was a different Bubs before he came along and forces him to rebuff this possibility.

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