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That shirt is to the limit.

As evidenced in suntan, Strong Bad is proud of his alleged "abs", and therefore often goes barechested. He has, however, been known to wear a shirt on occasion.




Work Shirts

Lil' Strong Bad


  • Homestar Quiz — Strong Bad wears a suit and red tie as CGNU principal.
  • A Mother's Day Message — Strong Bad wears a blue sailor's outfit.
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Marzipan suggests giving Strong Bad a shirt for Decemberween, as "he doesn't seem to have very many of those". Homestar responds he's pretty sure he enjoys going topless.
  • Email lures & jigs — Strong Bad is wearing a shirt at The Pond.
  • Email ghosts — Strong Bad wears a Ghostbusters shirt.
  • Everybody to the Limit — Strong Bad wears a shirt that said "To the Limit!".
  • Decemberween Email Menu — Strong Bad wears a blue sweater in the Decemberween card Easter egg.
  • Email different town — Strong Bad wears a loose blue shirt when singing about Homsar.
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad wears a suit during his legal rampage.
  • Email modeling — Strong Bad wears a turtleneck sweater, a business suit, and a turquoise sweater with a scarf.
  • Email technology — Strong Bad wears a lab coat.
  • Email secret identity — Strong Bad wears a dirty white undershirt as Vance Mudgeman.
  • In the original draft for flashback, Strong Bad was supposed to wear Homestar's star shirt, but when Marzipan gave Homestar the same one to replace his duckie shirt, Strong Bad ripped off his shirt.
  • Email keep cool — Although Strong Bad is not actually seen wearing one, his tan lines seem to imply he has been wearing a tank top for some time during the summer.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad wears a sloshy T-shirt.
  • Email nightlife — Strong Bad wears a skyblue shirt.
  • Happy Dethemberween — Strong Bad is wearing a holiday sweater and, as it appears, a shirt underneath. At one point, he also appears to be wearing the lab coat from technology.
  • Trogday 08 — Strong Bad is wearing a French red and white striped shirt.
  • Strong Bad Gameways — Strong Bad wears a stewardess shirt.
  • Email love poems — Strong Bad wears a black turtleneck.
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People — Shirts are included in the outfits you can wear in the game.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad wears a shirt as a flowy-sleeved moneygician and as a street magician.

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