Strong Bad Takes A Detour

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"You get to whip people and throw coffee in people's faces."

Strong Bad goes around San Francisco Bay.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Places: San Francisco Bay

Running Time: 0:50

DVD Exclusive: SBCG4AP Collector's DVD


{Black screen with a flash of the Spirits of 76 ghost and the sound effect from 8-Bit Is Enough. Crossfade to a title card: "stuff we didn't use: Strong Bad Takes A Detour"}

{Cut to a shaky shot of the San Francisco waterfront, then focusing on the wake of a boat. Cut to a shot of a ferry seat, with a Powered By The Cheat style still picture of Strong Bad overlaid}

STRONG BAD: I'm just excited to work on it, you know? I assume I'm gonna be made editor-in-chief, or like, graphic-alman-in chief. You get to like to whip people and throw coffee in people's faces, stuff like that.

{Cut to a shot of the Bay Bridge, then to PbTC Strong Bad overlaid on a shot near the railing of the ferry.}

STRONG BAD: I'd like that to be part of my title; "something-about-it's-okay-that-this-guy-throws-coffee-in-your-face-of-chief", would be my title.

{Shot of the ferry coming into the dock. Shot wavers out and goes to black.}

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