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Toon Category: Shorts
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This article is about the toon. For the compact disc, see Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits.
"You've got an ugly butt, and a stupid... butt."

An advertisement for a fictional album of songs by Strong Bad.

Cast (in order of appearance): Fat Bluebird, The Announcer, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat

Date: 2000

Running Time: 1:42

Page Title: A Web-Only Special Offer

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1



{Open on a snowy mountain backdrop. While the Announcer is first speaking, Strong Bad walks up and a big, fat bird alights on his boxing glove}

THE ANNOUNCER: For years, he's thrilled and captivated himself with his music. And now, it's your turn.

STRONG BAD: {singing} Every time that I look at myself, I can't believe how awesome I am. I mean, how awesome I AAAAAAAAAAAAM.

THE ANNOUNCER: Strong Bad Sings! Featuring hundreds of your favorite Strong Bad hits!

{cut to Strong Bad singing in front of a black backdrop. Titles of his various songs scroll down the screen, including:}

  • Who is the Guy That Wins All the Contests?
  • What's the Problem With Your Stupid Face?
  • Everybody Loves a Little Competition
  • I Never Said I Wouldn't Try to Beat the Crap Out of You
  • Let's Make Believe That We're in Love (So I Can Break Up with You)
  • The Last Time I Didn't Come in First Was Never, I Mean Earlier Today
  • The Ladies in My Town All Know My Name
  • Everyone Who Doesn't Like Me More Than Likely Sucks Real Bad
  • You've Got an Ugly and Stupid Butt
  • Let's Get Started on Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested
  • This One Time I Saw Homestar Punching a Kitten in the Throat
  • The Only Thing Wrong With You is Everything
  • Somebody Told Me (Now I Believe Them)

STRONG BAD: {singing} Let's make believe that we're in love, so I can break up with you.

{another Strong Bad head appears in profile above the other Strong Bad and begins to sing}

STRONG BAD: {singing} You've got an ugly butt, and a stupid... butt.

{The extra Strong Bad heads disappear. Background switches to a desert background, and the main Strong Bad begins zooming in slowly.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Now available for the first time anywhere outside his basement.

STRONG BAD: {interrupting announcer and singing} Somebody told me that you were so stupid, but I didn't believe them, but now I believe them.

{Cut to a display of all the media available. As The Announcer states what they are, items appear and stack up}

THE ANNOUNCER: Available on three records, seven CDs, twelve cassettes or thirty 8-track tapes. You might expect to pay almost a hundred dollars for this rare collection. It's all yours for only one easy installment of $193.75!

{Cut to the cover of the album mentioned below.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Act now and receive "Strong Mad Forgets the Words To His Favorites" absolutely free!

{Cut to a room where The Cheat is playing "Happy Birthday" on a piano.}

STRONG MAD: Ummmm.... uuuhhh... Ummmm...

{Cut to the "Order now" screen. The "Strong Bad Sings" record, CD, cassette, and 8-track are shown, with the ordering information below it.}

ANNOUNCER 2: To order your copy of "Strong Bad Sings," call 1-800-428-64 tooty-two, or send check, cash, or money order to {stumbling over words} four six-ty nine, The Place to Be... Uhhh... refunds not available in Maine or Arkansas.

{The ordering information is actually a bit different. It says:}

Strong Bad Sings

or send check, cash, money order,
brownies, or birthday presents to:

P.O. Box 212
Strong Bad's House
Free Country, USA

Fun Facts

Hidden title


  • The photos used for the background of the CD/Cassette/8-track cover have "" in the bottom left corner of them. (It's most noticeable on the 8-Tracks: just zoom in.)
  • In older versions of the Flash, the phone number at the end was 1-800-BAD-SONG. That was changed because it turned out that was a real number for a Limousine service in the New York area.
  • There is another title in the song list that was never shown in the toon. It's called "Keep On Keepin' It On (I Am So Awesome)".
  • Mike Chapman is the voice of Announcer 2.
  • At the end, the commentator says to call 1-800-428-64 tooty-two. This phone number actually belongs to Tank Technologies and Supply in Rogers, MN, assuming tooty-two is 22.
  • Three records (LPs) would equal 135 minutes of music (2 hours, 15 minutes).
  • Seven CDs worth of songs would equal, at most, 560 minutes of music (9 hours, 20 minutes).
  • Twelve cassette tapes would equal 1080 minutes of music (18 hours).
  • Thirty 8-track tapes would equal up to 1200 minutes of music (20 hours).
  • This is the first mention of Free Country, USA.


  • Strong Mad's eyebrows are gray for this cartoon.
  • The phone number at the end is 13 digits long. Standard phone numbers in the United States include only 10 digits, however, additional letters are often added in commercials for the value of having the phone number spell a word.

Inside References

  • The song "Who is the Guy That Wins All the Contests?" is a reference to the song Strong Bad sings to himself in A Jumping Jack Contest.
  • This is the first appearance of Tooty-two.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The song The Cheat plays to Strong Mad is changed to "Hot Cross Buns".
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman)

Yep, it's on the wiki.

MATT: Oh, that Fat Bluebird.

MIKE: It's the re— it's one of my favorite characters. {laughs}

MATT: I wonder is the Fat Bluebird on the wiki?

MIKE: I dunno. Look at Strong Bad's mouth and his mask. It's before he had the highlights on his eyes—

MATT: What about that great background we're using there?

MIKE: Yeah. I think I may have bought that as clip art.

MATT: Really?

MIKE: I think so.

MATT: How legitimate of you, for as early on as this was.

MIKE: {overlapping} Yeah. It was like five bucks, maybe. Strong Bad's mouth gets a lot, uh, wider no— back then than it does now.

MATT: Yeah, and taller. It pretty much goes from stem to stern.

MIKE: {laughs}

MATT: Uh, so a lot of— some of these songs we ended up making on the CD. The Strong Bad Sings CD. Now that back—

MIKE: {cracking up while speaking} That background I did not pay for!

MATT: {laughing} You didn't pay two cents for that one!

MIKE: I didn't try very hard, either!

MATT: I always enjoyed this part, though. I thought you did a good job. I was amazed that we could fit that many symbols on the screen at the s— at one time. I didn't think that was possible.

MIKE: {incomprehensible}

MATT: So, here's the old announcer; he's still around. So don't, you guys, don't tell them about it; we had to change this so—

MIKE: Hot Cross Buns!

MATT: The Happy— the Happy B-day people—

MIKE: {simultaneously, sings} Hot Cross Buns! {alone, speaking} Those Nazis! {laughs}

MATT: {cracking up while speaking} —didn't come and make us pay them eight cents!

MIKE: The Hot Cross Buns people are totally cool. {laughs} That's my first appearance on the website, vocally.

MATT: That's true.

BOTH: It used to be 1-800-BAD-SONG—

MIKE: —and it was a real number.

MATT: It was, like, a limo driver in Brooklyn, or something, I think!

MIKE: Yeah, somebody, and he would send us angry emails about people calling that number.

Fun Facts

  • "Happy Birthday to You" is in fact a copyrighted song, which explains The Brothers Chaps' remark about having to change the song The Cheat plays to "Hot Cross Buns".
  • At the time of Everything Else, Volume 1's release, the Fat Bluebird was not mentioned specifically on the wiki. On the first day the disc was available, the bluebird was listed in the cast at the top of this page in response to the commentary above, and then not long after that it got its own screenshot and article.

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