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The different costumes of Strong Bad.

Due to the near-infinite costume possibilities in Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, only the ones that factor into gameplay (including cutscenes) will be listed.

Image Costume Seen in
Oven mitts In Search of the Yello Dello, Homestar Quiz, Email underlings
Pom Pom A Jumping Jack Contest
Sailor with lollipop A Mother's Day Message
White shirt and red tie, as CGNU Prinicpal Homestar Quiz
Some stupid turkey Some Stupid Turkey
Earmuffs The Best Decemberween Ever
A Ghostbuster Email ghosts
Blue Decemberween Sweater Decemberween Email Menu
Strong Sad Email impression
A pilot Email personal favorites
A purple thing Email sibbie
Miner Email cheatday, Email different town, Ever and More
Undone blue shirt and white pants Email different town
With a beard Email the bet
Disguised Identity Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Prisoner #5408 Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
A Burglar Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, bike thief, Homestar Ruiner, Costume Commercial, Behind The Bad Chapter 2: The Heist
Blindfolded Email pom pom
Micro Palace polo shirt Email other days
Tragic Clown Dog Email part-time job, On Break
A king Email rampage
An attorney Email rampage
Rocker Email rock opera, It's Like It Was Meant to Be
Little Red Riding Hood Grumblecakes (video)
Captain's hat and turtleneck sweater Email modeling
Blue hat Email modeling, Email rated
Brown hat Email modeling
Homely Boy Brand HUGE Tube Socks Email modeling
Black suit with a purple shirt and glasses Email modeling
Turquoise sweater with a yellow sweater scarf Email modeling
Space Captainface Email space program, Email cliffhangers, Career Day
Buff self-portrait Strong Bad Email portrait
Vance Mudgeman; dirty shirt and unshaved face Email secret identity
Cara Carabowditbowdit; brown girl hair with a skull design Email secret identity, Homestar Ruiner
A lab coat Email technology, Happy Dethemberween
The Prom Queen Email senior prom
With skydiving helmet Weclome Back
With helmet, shield, and spear Email redesign
The Press Summer Short Shorts
Lifeguard Email keep cool
Yellow hat with coffee and a Coldson Lite Email theme song
An astronaut Email theme song
Data Boys shirt Email cliffhangers
Carny Strong Bad Email retirement
Witch mask Happy Hallow-day
Floppy disk polo Email 4 branches, Email from work, Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene, Homestar Ruiner
Image:SB sweatpants.PNG Sweat pants Email the chair
Multiple pairs of sweatpants (see also the December 7, 2006 Sketchbook) Email the chair
Nacho cheese mask Email looking old
"Lace lift" and medical robe Email looking old
Headband Email strong badathlon
A zombie with an exposed brain, mouthful of grape jelly, and tattered jeans Email your funeral
With barbed wire Email rough copy
Italian chef Date Nite
On Point King Email more armies
With a shower cap One Two, One Two
With a different shower cap One Two, One Two (Fixed goof)
With sweatband Email the paper
With ripped headband Email the paper
In his underwear Main Page 24, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Leather boots and a headband Email concert, Baddest of the Bands
Head wrapped in towel, cucumbers on eyes Email concert
sloshy T-shirt Email concert
As Gene from Embarrassing Educational Films Email hygiene
Wearing lederhosen Email original
Mountie Email original
Bush Email bike thief
Cactus Email bike thief
Trash can Email bike thief
Barrel Email bike thief
College student Email bike thief, Email specially marked
Sir Boliver Turnbuckle Email yes, wrestling
il Cartographer Email yes, wrestling
Wild Vacationer Email yes, wrestling
Foreign Objects Brother Email yes, wrestling
Arby Email yes, wrestling
Facepaint Connection Email yes, wrestling
Light blue button-up shirt with black tribal mark Email nightlife
Leopard-print briefs, with his pants on his head Email nightlife
Dark blue Decemberween sweater with a stylized Christmas Tree Happy Dethemberween
French costume, consisting of beret, striped shirt, and fake mustache Trogday 08
Covered with Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance and slightly stained red Email winter pool
Wearing a bonnet Email fan club
Whaler Blubb-O's Commercial
Flight attendant Strong Bad Gameways
Wearing a blown up inflatable vest Strong Bad Gameways
Blonde wig SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer, Baddest Of The Bands
Doctor Marvin Rubdown Email love poems
Mustard on forehead The Baloneyman
"Flowey-sleeved moneygician" Email magic trick
Street magician Email magic trick
Homestar Runner Homestar Ruiner
The King of Town Strong Badia the Free
Pom-pom beanie A Death Defying Decemberween, A Decemberween Mackerel
Black fedora Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Cowboy Email videography
With human hands (and his Halloween costume) Doomy Tales of the Macabre
With hair and gold teeth April Fool 2014
Wearing a fig leaf April Fool 2014
Wearing a Dixieland outfit Fish Eye Lens
An evil Tragic Clown Dog The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
Lin-Manuel Miranda @StrongBadActual
With a polo shirt, saying "tertiary" with the Cardgage curse Email too cool
With a black suit, black cap, and blue boxing gloves @StrongBadActual
As an Aquabat The Aquabats Super Show Kickstarter
As a moody, desaturated vampire with sparkly eczema from Twilight Nerds & Music - 22 Aug 2020
As Captain Toptoast, in full naval uniform Disk 4 of 12 - FrienDendum
Wearing a Baby Bjorn Email parenting
Wearing sunglasses and a jacket with Homestar Runner Email parenting
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