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Many Strong Bad Emails resulted in spin-off toons, series, and enterprises that later became a part of the website. Listed below are all the spin-offs in chronological order.

# Email title Spin-off(s) Reason for spin-off
2 homsar Homsar A spelling blunder in which email sender Vinnie C. writes "Homsar" instead of "Homestar".
9 i love you Everybody to the Limit The name of the email sender, Fhqwhgads, is later used in a music video made by The Cheat.
11 i rule Strong Badia Email sender Mike, UK, asks Strong Bad if he is so evil, then why he doesn't rule the world or at least some kind of field. Strong Bad contradicts this by introducing the public to his domain.
14 duck pond Videlectrix The creator of the Atari 2600 version of Strong Bad's Duck Pond simulator.
16 band names Taranchula; Limozeen Possible names for email sender Dan's band.
17 studying Lem Sportsinterviews Writer of the book "This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, And Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base," mentioned in the email.
29 superhero name Strong Badman Email sender Stiny wonders why Strong Bad's name doesn't end in "man".
32 flag day Strong Badia National Anthem Strong Bad and The Cheat hold a flag-raising ceremony.
37 dullard Dullard Comic Strips Comics posted in Strong Bad's cubicle while he uses methods to describe to email sender Jason how to deal with office dullards.
45 techno The System is Down Strong Bad describes what techno music sounds like.
47 new hands These peoples try to fade me Coach Z briefly sings with Strong Bad accompanying on his buckethand.
48 ghosts Bad Graphics Ghost The ghost of the exploded Tandy 400 haunts Strong Badia.
49 theme party Circles Strong Bad gives an example of white blues to play at a frat party.
51 website Strong Sad's Lament Strong Bad links to Strong Sad's blog in his website.
52 island Stinkoman Strong Bad later gives the name Homestar calls him to an Anime-like fighter.
53 comic Teen Girl Squad Email sender Brittany asks Strong Bad to create a comic about her friends.
57 japanese cartoon 20X6 Email sender James F. asks Strong Bad what he would look like if he were a Japanese cartoon. The result is not only an anime version of Strong Bad, but also a whole anime universe version of the Homestar universe.
58 dragon Trogdor Email sender Kaizer asks Strong Bad to draw a dragon.
62 interview Kerrek Name of the email sender that Strong Bad likes so much that he decides to use it as a character in Trogdor's world (and also as a Peasant's Quest character).
66 the show The Show Strong Bad shows footage from Homestar's game show when Tori asks why Homestar doesn't do anything funny anymore.
72 crazy cartoon Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Strong Bad is asked what his craziest cartoon would be like.
80 stunt double Dangeresque series Email sender Louis asks Strong Bad if he has ever used a stunt double, which he claims to have never done, and he demonstrates using some movies involving him as a crime fighter.
81 date Bear holding a Shark This was first seen as a means of security countermeasure in Strong Badia to prevent The Cheat from touching the Tire.
82 impression Jhonka Strong Bad came up with this name when he noticed that the email sender did not sign his/her name. As with Kerrek, Jhonka became a Trogdor and Peasant's Quest character.
84 kids' book That Time of Year Strong Bad attempts to write children's books by tampering with some of Leomard Sportsinterviews' books.
86 no loafing Mendelev The name on the Tandy 400 later became a Peasant's Quest character.
92 kind of cool Senor Cardgage Email sender Jordan asks Strong Bad what he would be like if he wasn't the stylish, buff, handsome man in a wrestling mask that he is.
93 army Cheat Commandos The Cheat (as Firebert) goes on a reconnaissance mission, and his alter ego spawns an entire line of G.I. Joe-type crime fighters.
94 video games Thy Dungeonman series Strong Bad is asked what he would look like in a video game. In addition to three games starring himself, he also creates a text adventure where the protagonist explores a dungeon.
100 flashback The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw The story that Strong Bad was about to tell Homestar Runner, when he is congratulated on his 100th email. It later became a Flash cartoon.
109 crying The Li'l Brudder Show Strong Bad attempts to make Homestar cry by drawing a one-legged puppy; he also insults Strong Sad by comparing him to another drawing: a two-legged elephant. Both the puppy and the elephant later get their own TV show.
111 other days Biz Cas Fri series Strong Bad, describing what he does the days when he doesn't check emails, reveals Friday is Business Casual Friday at the office.
118 virus Main Page 22 The Compy 386 is infected with 429,837 viruses that proceed to infect the rest of and later one of the Main Pages.
119 animal Sterrance Strong Bad describes what he would look like if he were a made-up animal.
151 senior prom KOT's VOQPCS! The email starts off as an episode of "The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show," but is later interrupted to play the email.
165 strong badathlon DNA Evidence Marzipan informs Homsar that DNA evidence has been tampered with. A subplot begins to build up through the next five emails that is elaborated and resolved in the toon.
175 concert sloshy Strong Bad begins to like a band that is not metal.
188 fan club Non-Sequitur Champion The Deleteheads discuss if the non-sequitur champion is Homsar or Senor Cardgage. Homsar wins, leading Senor Cardgage to serve a punishment.
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