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A list of Strong Bad Emails with their official descriptions on YouTube or the Strong Bad Email Menu.

Number Email YouTube description Sbemail Menu Description
1 some kinda robot Strong Bad answers the age old question of whether he takes his mask and boxing gloves off before he goes to bed. Strong Bad explains his weird physiology and coins the phrase "For Good or For Awesome."
2 homsar Someone can't spell "Homestar." The world is never the same. Homsar is born, and way less funny than he will eventually become, in this very short email.
3 butt IQ [no description] Strong bad makes up his first bogus mathematical theorem to explain stupid butts.
4 homestar hair [no description] When he gets an email meant for Homestar, Strong Bad becomes "all cheesed off" as the kids say... in the 50's maybe.
5 making out [no description] A fan asks for dating advice so SB suggests using a song he wrote. And then totally doesn't show or perform said song. Huh.
6 depressio [no description] Strong Bad makes fun of brother Strong Sad.
7 halloweener Strong Bad demonstrates the best way to make a Strong Bad Halloween costume on Stupid Over Here, I mean Homestar.
8 brianrietta [no description] Strong Bad is a real jerk to an admirer.
9 i love you Strong Bad gets an email from Fhqwhgads. Fhqwhgads becomes a thing when someone sends Strong Bad the 'i love you' virus! Also, the first appearance of the Guy With a Big Knife!
10 trevor the vampire Strong Bad looks back at a few of his favorite Trevor memories. When Strong Bad realizes the horrible truth about Trevor, he waxes nostalgic for the carefree days of a few seconds ago.
11 i rule Strong Bad checks in on/invents Strong Badia. Apparently it is behind a dumpster we've never seen before.
12 credit card Strong Bad traps Homestar in a classic credit card scam.
13 i she be Strong Bad makes fun of grammar and stuff. The Cheat gets set up with a rejected potential Strong Bad suitor. Kids! Don't ever meet strangers at Sbarro! Or eat there!
14 duck pond Strong Bad plays Duck Pond Simulator. Demo Strong Bad's Duck Pond Sim and experiencing being, like, right there... at the pond. C'mere ducky.
15 the basics Strong Bad gives basic tips on how to mess with people.
16 band names Strong Bad gives advice on choosing a band name.
17 studying Strong Bad gives advice on, you guessed it, studying.
18 stand-up Strong Bad's first and last stand-up comedy performance.
19 tape-leg Tape-Leg 1, not to be confused with Tape-Leg 2.
20 spring cleaning Strong Bad cleans out his inbox with a little help from DELETED!
21 cartoon Strong Bad does commentary on a cartoon of himself just standing around.
22 sb_email 22 The Cheat helps Strong Bad recover from a PR nightmare after he offends the UK.
23 little animal The origin story of kicking The Cheat.
24 the bird Strong Bad checks his email at the stick and shares his award-winning flip-offery.
25 super powers The power behind the blue diamond-y thing on Strong Bad's mask is revealed.
26 CGNU Strong Bad lets you know how to become a graduate of Crazy Go Nuts University.
27 3 wishes Strong Bad wishes he had croissants crammed into his head. Or something like that.
28 1 step ahead This one goes Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style as Strong Bad has several ideas for gluing Strong Sad's hands to his face.
29 superhero name Strong Bad introduces his superhero name 'Strong Badman'. Stiny! Get somebody a freakin danish!
30 12:00 Bubs helps Strong Bad program his VCR clock.
31 sugarbob Strong Bad helps a guy with his girlfriend or something.
32 flag day Strong Bad reveals the flag and national anthem of Strong Badia. There isn't, as it turns out, lots of chocolate.
33 gimmicks The first of many times Strong Bad has to deal with explosion-prone computers.
34 weird dream Briefly, Strong Bad describes a weird dream he had.
35 sisters Strong Bad receives an email from two sisters asking if he has a girlfriend.
36 guitar Strong Bad shows off his guitar skills.
37 dullard Strong Bad gives advice on how to deal with the office dullard.
38 helium Strong Bad temporarily joins the high-voice crew with the help of leftover party balloon. The Cheat learns to fly!
39 property of ones Strong Bad makes up some bogus mathematic equations about cold ones.
40 vacation Strong Bad goes on vacation and sends some postcards from exotic destinations.
41 invisibility Strong Bad describes a day of invisibility. The Compy 386 era begins! Strong Bad ponders the pros and cons of being invisible.
42 action figure Strong Bad details the features of his own action figure.
43 little questions Strong Bad answers questions from Sweden. Strong Bad answers questions from a Swedish fan.
44 lures & jigs Strong Bad and Coach Z have a boring fishing TV show in this one.
45 techno Strong Bad makes a techno song. Light switch rave, everybody! Grab your glowsticks and get caught in the trance of Strong Bad's techno masterpiece.
46 your friends Doing what he does best, Strong Bad just be's mean to his friends.
47 new hands Strong Bad makes a mistake when picking what to replace his hands with. Strong Bad makes poor choices when deciding what to replace his hands with.
48 ghosts Strong Bad goes hunting for ghosts in Strong Badia and runs into the pixel-y spirit of his old computer!
49 theme party Strong Bad helps so college students with their upcoming party. Strong Bad helps some college students with their upcoming party.
50 50 emails In honor of his 50th email, Strong Bad answers 50 emails.
51 website [not on YouTube] Tips from a pro on how to make a website. As true today as it was in 2002.
52 island The classic episode where Strong Bad and Homestar get stuck on a desert island.
53 comic Strong Bad makes a comic about Brittany and her friends. Strong Bad debuts his new comic, Teen Girl Squad.
54 morning routine The 'R' in Strong Bad's morning routine stands for...
55 cheat talk [no description] Strong Bad tries to help people understand The Cheat.
56 current status Strong Bad is apparently able to switch people's heads in this oft-forgotten sbemail.
57 japanese cartoon Strong Bad makes a Japanese cartoon. Strong Bad imagines himself as a Japanese cartoon. Stinkoman is born! Challenge and fighting are no match for blue hair and ridiculously huge mouths!
58 dragon Strong Bad teaches the world how to draw a dragon. Strong Bad shares his skills of an artist as he teaches YOU how to draw a certain wingaling dragon named Trogdor. Never have chiaroscuro and sloppy metal been juxtaposed so seamlessly.
59 marzipan Quadruple negatives abound as Strong Bad tries to get Marzipan to admit she likes him.
60 huttah! Strong Bad is frustrated at all the emails asking about The Cheat. Probably the least descriptive title of all Strong Bad's emails.
61 monster truck Awexome Cross 98! This SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SOMEDAY! Limozeen drops they numba one jam 'Because, It's Midnite' on an unsuspecting public!
62 interview Strong Bad sorta interviews Homsar. Also, I had forgotten that it was actually Strong Bad who invented, 'I was raised by a cup of coffee."
63 fingers Strong Bad imagines what it would by like to have fingers. Or rather a bunch of random stuff taped to his boxing gloves.
64 english paper [not on YouTube] Strong Bad helps a lazy student with some schoolwork.
65 unused emails What does Strong Bad do with all the emails he doesn't check on his email show? Watch this episode of his email show to find out!
66 the show Strong Bad gives us a glimpse of Homestar's daytime talk-show-game-show, 'The Show.'
67 autobiography Listen to some excerpts from Strong Bad's books-on-tape autobiography.
68 caper Strong Bad gets mad at The Cheat for screwing up the jumble caper and sings "The Cheat is Not Dead" to try and patch things up.
69 personal favorites Strong Bad does the thing where he makes you think it's a clip show but then it's not really a clip show. I think this is the first appearance of the stone bridge. You know, because you care about that sorta stuff, right?
70 big white face After some soul-searching and looking at low-res portraits of everyone, Strong Bad realizes he needs to apologize to the Poopsmith.
71 2 emails Strong Bad checks 2 emails and tries to travel both forward and back in time.
72 crazy cartoon Strong Bad makes a crazy cartoon for Monkeydude. Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and Eh! Steve! are born! And then The Cheat makes one of his terrible cartoons even! This sbemail has it ALL!
73 mascot Crazy Go Nuts University's mascot shows up at The Cheat's Golf Club Team match!
74 privileges The Cheat cashes in his customer rewards card in this Strong Bad email cartoon!
75 funny SB transforms into some type of squeaky guy. Floppy disk and ketchup co-star.
76 sibbie Strong Bad refuses to make a song about Sibbie. He'll never do it. Never. Wait.
77 suntan Bronze bods and rippling abs abound when Strong Bad gets some sun.
78 anything The Homestar Runner sits in and guest-checks one of Strong Bad's beloved emails! Can you believe it?
79 the process Strong Bad breaks down all the steps of a successful email check. Learn from the pro!
80 stunt double Strong Bad proves he does all his own stunt work by showing clips from his smash hit movie Dangeresque 2. Witness the genesis (peter gabriel, not phil collins) of the world's best private eye/crooked cop: Dangeresque!
81 date Strong Bad shows us what it's like when Homestar and Marzipan go on a date. Beware the lurking horrors!
82 impression Strong Bad tries to dethrone The Cheat in the annual Strong Sad Lookalike Contest.
83 labor day Strong Bad with his trusty megaphone sits on a cooler for the best Labor Day ever.
84 kids' book Strong Bad makes a kids' book called "Everyone is Different."
85 2 years Strong Bad's prediction of what Strong Badia will be like in 2 years. At least I think that's what it's about.
86 no loafing Strong Bad increases productivity something-eight percent with the help of some motivational wall hangings.
87 mile SB takes the week off so the Cheat takes a crack at making his own poorly animated email cartoon.
88 couch patch The origin story of the duct-tape patch on Strong Bad's couch is finally told! Everyone wanted to know!
89 local news The World in Crisis with Strong Badia Action Cool News 5! Hard hitting journalism! Thank you, tonight.
90 colonization Strong Bad describes the colonization of Strong Badia like a politically incorrect 1980's third grade american history book might.
91 caffeine See what happens when Strong Sad is given caffeine! It's the most understandable Strong Mad has ever been!
92 kind of cool Strong Bad describes what he would be like if he wasn't a stylish, buff, handsome man. Enter Senor Cardgage!!
93 army Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy? Arguably the beginning of the Cheat Commandos!
94 video games Strong Bad describes what his video game would be like on various systems. Strong Bad takes us on a journey through cyber-time as he imagines different video games versions of himself. Come for the "Your Head Asplode", stay for the "You can't get ye flask."
95 the bet Strong Bad loses a bet and has to spend the night in the King of Town's castle. Something-arity ensues.
96 lackey Quotation marks abound in this email about what a good lackey The Cheat is to Strong Bad. Featuring justifiably forgotten cantaloupe puppet Doreauxgard.
97 monument While building an impressive monument to himself, Strong Bad is distracted by Bubs with a piece of paper taped to his chest, I mean the Thnikkaman.
98 stupid stuff Strong Bad tries to get Homestar to say something intelligent. Somehow this will get him some fresh Grumblecakes.
99 different town Strong Bad sings about how he would make his town different.
100 flashback Strong Bad answers his 100th email in WIDESCREEEEEEEEEEEEN! Reveals the secret origins of Duck Shirt Homestar and The Cheat!
101 car Homestar shows off his tricked out hat instead of Strong Bad talking about his non-existent car.
102 lunch special Strong Bad tries to trick Bubs into giving him a free lunch special. And we find out that Bubs can fly. Canon!
103 haircut Strong Bad struggles to answer an email about haircuts.
104 theme park Strong Bad describes what the Strong Badia theme park would be like.
105 replacement Who will check his emails when Strong Bad retires? Aforementioned Strong Bad tries to find out.
106 dangeresque 3 Strong Bad offers the digitally remastered director's cut of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?
107 cheatday Strong Bad divulges the mysteries surrounding the Cheat's birthday.
108 pom pom Strong Bad investigates what happens if Pom Pom is poked with a pin. No ever-loving snot is kicked out of anyone.
109 crying Strong Bad makes Homestar cry with his drawing of a one legged puppy with an indomitable spirit! Enter Li'l Brudder!
110 for kids Strong Bad describes what his television show for kids would be like.
111 other days Since Mondays are traditionally for email checking, Strong Bad explains what he does the rest of the week.
112 old comics Strong Bad explains why the King of Town has a Poopsmith. Sort of.
113 pizzaz Strong Bad interviews himself to find out the secret of his pizzaz.
114 the facts Everyone wants to know why Strong Mad doesn't have a cartoon. Well, one person wants to know. Strong Bad gives a rock solid explanation.
115 time capsule What would Strong Bad leave to future generations? Watch this cartoon to find out!
116 extra plug SB puts the extra plug under his desk to good use.
117 montage Strong Bad creates a montage.
118 virus Strong Bad's Compy 386 gets a virus.
119 animal Strong Bad gets a laptop computer and details what his own made up animal would be like. Strong Bad gets a new laptop computer and also, furthermore, hereforto details what his own made up animal would be like.
120 radio Strong Bad describes various radio host styles. Strong Bad gives advice on/makes fun of the various types of radio hosts.
121 part-time job Strong Bad tries to sell cups of ice for Bubs while dressed up as the Tragic Clown Dog. A classic!
122 dreamail Strong Bad describes the perfect email with the help of a fade-y pink border.
123 origins Homestar singing some songs about bread is all you really need to know about this one. Strong Bad is in it too, I assume.
124 secret recipes SB tricks people into eating gross stuff. The Cheat gets a haircut. What's not to love?
125 rock opera One word from each of his first 125 sbemails make up the lyrics to Strong Bad's definitely-planned-from-the-start rock opera.
126 best thing Strong Bad describes the best thing he's ever seen, done or eaten. Strong Bad remember the best thing ever: Limozeen's very short-lived Saturday morning cartoon.
127 long pants Homestar shows up wearing shorts and pants at the same time. At least he was told long pants. Long pants, long pants. By who we don't know.
128 rampage Strong Bad demonstrates the types of rampages he goes on these days. Reading, regal, and legal to name a few.
129 garage sale Strong Bad breaks down garage sales and the people who frequent them.
130 do over Strong Bad tries to do-over a few previous emails. It works perfectly. Nothing goes wrong at all.
131 boring (really) The most action-packed Strong Bad email ever! Bricks! Eye closings! Three-letter words!
132 modeling Strong Bad dons the latest styles for a high-fashion photo shoot.
133 bottom 10 Strong Bad lists his bottom 10. Strong Bad's Bottom 10 List! Not much more to say!
134 record book Strong Bad tries to get a world record for his new record book. Other great stuff happens, too.
135 SB revisits one of his earliest (made-up) emails. Connoisseurs of late nineties flash animation will get a real kick out of it!
136 geddup noise Strong Bad explains what happened to the Geddup Noise. Strong Bad tells the tale of the meteoric rise of the sound it make when he stands up from his computer desk.
137 bedtime story The Cheat's bedtime routine has officially reached rigamarole status. Watch and learn!
138 space program Strong Bad describes Strong Badia's space program, SBASAF. Space Captainface and Strap Coopmore get ready for launchday in this filmstrip from Strong Badia's space programs, SBASAF.
139 portrait Strong Bad tries to figure what art style is most worthy of his visage.
140 high school [not on YouTube] In his usual deflective style, Strong Bad expains what other cartoon characters are like when they're teens and then takes it too far.
141 death metal Strong Bad gives lessons in making a death metal song. Learn to hot glue corn flaskes to your face the Strong Bad way and get your fill of D-E words, invisible orbs, and creepy rusty meat!
142 secret identity [not on YouTube] Live a day in a Mudgeman's shoes as Strong Bad lies about secret identities he doesn't actually have.
143 technology Strong Bad tries to explain technology to middle school students. Look out mama, Strong Bad's usin' technology! Learn about the latest tech from the mouth of a real techtalker!
144 narrator [not on YouTube] StroBro decides to narrate everybody else's daily lives like movie trailers. Stuff gets chucked at Strong Sad.
145 myths & legends Strong Bad tells the legendary legend of the Bear Holding a Shark. The origins of the bear holding a shark are revealed and a community is set on edge by mysterious sightings.
146 pop-up [not on YouTube] Somebody's friend had a dream there was a Strong Bad pop-up book, it was the book of YOUR dreams!
147 lady fan [not on YouTube] SB tries to help someone impress their lady fan, but it probably doesn't work. Homestar tweeses it out!
148 disconnected [not on YouTube] Strong Bad weighs the pros and cons of separating his head from his body.
149 candy product [not on YouTube] Strong Bad gets his own candy product and a catchy commercial for it too!
150 alternate universe Strong Bad visits alternate universes with his new alternate portal device. For his sesquicentenn-email, Strong Bad and The Cheat make an alternate universe portal so he can visit his many doppelgangers.
151 senior prom [not on YouTube] Strong Bad makes up a convoluted plan to crash the senior prom. You can imagine how that goes for him.
152 isp Strong Bad describes Strong Badia's internet service provider. With his internet acting up, Strong Bad has to call customer service and ultimately confronts the Bubs in charge!
153 redesign [not on YouTube] Learn the basics of branding as Strong Bad attempts to redesign the venerable No Loafing sign with mixed results.
154 keep cool [not on YouTube] Cool time, pool time! There's a pool, remember?! And Strong Bad is the lifeguard!
155 theme song Strong Bad tries to explain why his email show doesn't have a theme song. Strong Bad crafts a sitcom theme song for his 3-5 minute email show. Do you want to make.... twicebutt?
156 road trip [not on YouTube] This my friend is jumbo/LARGE! Strong Bad and The Cheat try to take Bubs' Gremlin on a road trip.
157 trading cards [not on YouTube] Strong Bad refuses to give Daniel from Canada what he wants and instead shows off everybody else's trading cards.
158 cliffhangers [not on YouTube] Since there are no real cliffhangers, Strong Bad makes up a bunch and resolves them only to be a victim of a cliffhanger himself!
159 retirement [not on YouTube] Mysterious forces have taken Strong Bad's laptop! Can he meet the ransom demands and get her back?
160 coloring [not on YouTube] Learn about crayon names with a Limozeen coloring book and Marzipan's creepy school/cult.
161 4 branches Strong Bad tries to explain the four branches of stupid things Homestar's done. Strong Bad explains the four main categories of stupid things Homestar's done.
162 the chair [not on YouTube] Bubs helps Strong Bad pick a new email-checkin' chair to use at his computer desk.
163 what i want [not on YouTube] Strong Bad lays out all the worst Decemberween present ideas.
164 looking old [not on YouTube] Strong Bad updates his look so as not to lose touch with the younger generation.
165 strong badathlon [not on YouTube] Strong Bad describes the events of his very own athletic competition.
166 unnatural [not on YouTube] Strong Bad deals with the unnatural disaster of Bubs being 100 feet tall!
167 the movies Strong Bad describes how annoying moviegoers can be.
168 your funeral Strong Bad details his off the hook funeral plans. Strong Bad details his off the chart/hook/chain funeral plans.
169 from work [not on YouTube] Strong Bad has to work with some limitations as checks his personal email from his work computer.
170 rough copy [not on YouTube] Strong Bad gets litigious then ridiculous when someone draws some comics about him and The Cheat.
171 underlings [not on YouTube] Strong Bad helps someone deal with an awkward social situation.
172 more armies [not on YouTube] At the Vaguely Military Career Fair, Strong Bad tries to sign people up for the On-Point Kings.
173 the paper [not on YouTube] Strong Bad pays homage to his dying printer paper.
174 mini-golf [not on YouTube] We get a look at the surreal goings-on of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes mini-golf course.
175 concert [not on YouTube] Strong Sad and Strong Bad somehow end up liking the same band.
176 hygiene Strong Bad helps John with his hygiene problems by putting him in an embarrassing educational video.
177 original [not on YouTube] Strong Bad reminisces about all the Bubs's before the current one.
178 bike thief [not on YouTube] Strong Bad helps someone from getting their bike stolen by thinking like a bike thief.
179 pizza joint Strong Bad opens a pizza joint to score some chicks. Strong Bad's fake pizza joint becomes the talk of the town until it's online presence sends sales crashing.
180 slumber party Strong Bad gives some advice on attending a slumber party. Get important advice on which slumber parties to attend in this Strong bad email.
181 web comics [not on YouTube] As our masked hero talks about different types of web-comics, we somehow end up on Saturday morning cartoons about video games.
182 business trip [not on YouTube] Homestar and Strong Bad try to seal the deal on an important business trip.
183 yes, wrestling [not on YouTube] A look back through all of Strong Bad's wrestling gimmicks and his fued with the Jack 'em Up KId.
184 diorama [not on YouTube] Strong Bad gives advice on how to make the best middle school diorama.
185 nightlife [not on YouTube] A look at the thriving nightlife scene around town.
186 environment [not on YouTube] Strong Sad and Marzipan protest the Lappy's energy consumption.
187 winter pool [not on YouTube] Strong Bad and Homestar find themselves trapped when the gang fills the pool with red flavored gelatin. How will they get out?
188 fan club Strong Bad realizes fan clubs and fan fiction aren't be so bad after all.
189 pet show The Cheat gets entered in the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show.
190 licensed Learn how to become an officially licensed UNlicensed seller of Strong Bad and The Cheat knock-offs.
191 buried [not on YouTube] The Cheat and Strong Bad bust out the metal detector in search of ancient ruins beneath Strong Badia.
192 shapeshifter [not on YouTube] One might think ol' Strong Bad would be all about shapeshifting. Not so. He explains the downsides of shapeshiftery.
193 rated [not on YouTube] Strong Bad explains all the gorey details of different kinds of R-rated movies.
194 specially marked Strong Bad complains about the different types of toys that come in cereal boxes. Hey, maybe give this one a chance! It might be funny!
195 love poems Dr. Marvin Rubdown gives lessons on writing love poems.
196 hiding [not on YouTube] This one's all about hiding places and hide n seek. If that sounds funny, sure, watch this one.
197 your edge Strong Bad tries to prove he's not losing his edge.
198 magic trick [not on YouTube] Strong Bad breaks down all the different styles of magician.
199 being mean [not on YouTube] A well-meaning dad asks for Strong Bad's help in teaching his kids to be nice. A solid plan.
200 email thunder Strong Bad realizes Homestar is trying to steal his email thunder. Strong Bad discovers that all this time, Homestar has an email checking show too!
201 hremail 3184 [not on YouTube] Homestar's hremail is interrupted by Strong Bad's triumphant return to email-check where he lays out the different types of cool explosions.
202 imaginary [not on YouTube] Strong Bad tells us all about the imaginary friend Strong Sad had when they were little.
203 independent Strong Bad explains the difference between indie and independent films. Strong Bad explains the distinct differences between indie films and independent films.
204 dictionary [not on YouTube] SB explains some of the finer points of his very own made-up dictionary.
205 videography [not on YouTube] All the tips and tricks for being a special event videographer the Strong Bad way.
206 sbemail 206 Strong Bad dusts off his old computer to checka some email.
207 too cool Strong Bad dares to view Senor Cardgage's character video Strong Bad dares to view Senor Cardgage's character video.
208 the next april fools thing An April Fools' Day picnic wherein everyone says "blah." A time honored tradition to be sure. I wonder if that new character will ever show up again. A Strong Bad email suddenly appears in the middle of an April Fools toon! SB discusses where he gets his motivation and inspiration. Homestar plugs his upcoming hotel conference room life seminar.
209 parenting Coach Z somehow has the authority to make everyone pretend to have babies in a weird contest! Meanwhile, the KOT opens a steak house.
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