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Strong Bad checks his email.
Strong Bad checks his email.

Strong Bad Email, frequently shortened to sbemail, was originally a small feature in which Strong Bad would answer a fan-sent email and commonly mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him. The animations were initially brief, but gradually the responses grew to establish numerous inside jokes, running gags and catchphrases, as well as spin-offs, such as 20X6, Teen Girl Squad, Hremails, Strong Badia, the minor character Senor Cardgage, Trogdor, and even Homsar, one of the main characters. A typical Strong Bad Email includes numerous Easter eggs and other hidden material, often found at the ending screen. Many Strong Bad Emails, such as japanese cartoon, video games, and theme song, are satirical views of particular aspects of popular culture.

Introduced in 2001, Strong Bad Email has historically been the most frequently updated feature of, but was put on hiatus from September 2008 to June 2009. The Brothers Chaps stated in interviews that they wanted to focus on other characters and vary their output.[1] Email 200 just happened to be a round number at which to take a break.[2] In October 2009, Strong Bad Email went on another hiatus, which lasted until April 1, 2015, and the next released email after that was almost two-and-a-half years later. More than 5 years passed between the release of videography and sbemail206, ending the longest hiatus of sbemails of 2,004 days.

With the October 5, 2009 update, a link to the Yahoo Store page where DVDs of the emails could be purchased was added on a sticky note. Because the Yahoo Store has been retired, however, it directs to a Yahoo error page.


[edit] Strong Bad Emails

[edit] Compé and Lappier Era

(August 2009 — present)
Note: The Compé is still shown on the current sbemail menu, despite its having been replaced in April 2015 by the Lappier.

[edit] Corpy NT6 Transition

(July 2009)

[edit] Lappy 486 Era

(November 2004 — June 2009)

[edit] Compy 386 Era

(September 2002 — November 2004)

[edit] Tandy 400 Era

(August 2001 — September 2002)

[edit] DVD Releases

[edit] DVD Emails

The following emails only appear on the DVD set:

[edit] Podstar Runner Releases

Beginning January 30, 2006, Strong Bad emails were released under a feature called Podstar Runner. They have featured popular Toons, Teen Girl Squads, and Strong Bad Emails in .m4v format. They are designed to be viewed on a Fifth Generation Apple iPod, but are workable on a variety of other portable media players. These emails are featured or have been featured through this service (in order of release, top left being the earliest, bottom right being the latest):

[edit] Emails Not Checked By Strong Bad

Some emails are checked by someone other than Strong Bad, but count as Strong Bad Emails anyway.

[edit] Not Quite Strong Bad Emails

The following were originally associated in one way or another with the Strong Bad Emails. They are numbered by halves to show where they appeared chronologically in the list above. Numbers 99½B, 118½, 158½, 199½C are not linked to from anywhere on the site. Also, 198½, 199½A, 200½A, 200½B, 200½C, 205½B, 205½D, 206½A, and 208½ aren't on the site at all.

[edit] Strong Bad Email Menus

[edit] Milestones

Whenever Strong Bad reaches an email milestone, such as 100 or 200, the email will be special or at least some note will be taken. Thus far, five emails have been considered milestones.

  • 50. 50 emails — Strong Bad checks 50 emails (or attempts to) in honor of it being his 50th email check.
  • 100. flashback — The email is done in "wiiidescreeeen". Marzipan, Senor Cardgage, Old Timey Strong Bad, and Limozeen congratulate him on his 100th email. Upon the Compy indicating that he has checked 100 emails with a special screen, Strong Bad says "email" 100 times. Homestar says "Happy 100th birthday, Strong Bad".
  • 125. rock opera — Strong Bad performs a rock opera featuring scenes and at least one word from all of Strong Bad's previous emails.
  • 150. alternate universe — Strong Bad goes into many alternate universes featuring alternate versions of himself, which at the end accompany him in a supergroup ballad. Called the "sesquicentennemail".
  • 200. email thunder — The email song is a grand fanfare written by They Might Be Giants and sung by The Poopsmith. The email also ends with a screen listing the first 200 emails.

Frequently, a "teaser" toon is released a week before a milestone email in order to play off the anticipation for the upcoming milestone. The teaser toons so far have been Not the 100th Email!!! (teasing viewers hoping to view email 100 before it was released); Sbemail 150?!? (in which Strong Sad tries to convince Strong Bad to check email 150 and writes a proposed storyboard for it); Place ya bets! (in which the Deleteheads speculate on what will happen in email 200); and Page Load Error (in which the Deleteheads camp out at the sbemail200.html URL).

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tandy 400 vacation menu is the last surviving Tandy menu to still be hosted on the website.
  • Some time during mid-2003, "updated mondays" on the main Strong Bad Email Menu changed to "updated somedays." Nothing like this is even noted in Lappy, Corpy or Compé-era emails.
  • On the Compy 386 menus, Strong Bad types "dir /p", a DOS command used to list all the files in a directory, and to pause between each screen's worth of files.
  • Not including Not Quite Strong Bad Emails, Strong Bad has checked 235 emails as of sbemail206.
  • As of videography, it would take 10 hours, 9 minutes, 34 seconds to watch every Strong Bad email, including the DVD exclusives but excluding clickable Easter eggs. Including clickable Easter eggs, as of being mean, it would take 10 hours, 35 minutes, and 37 seconds.
  • Email #22, "sb_email 22", was actually made between emails 40 and 41. It was originally skipped and later made and released under the title 'the lost email' right before Strong Bad replaced his computer with the Compy 386.
  • As of the movies, Strong Bad Emails make up about 60% of the toons on the site.
  • Back in the Tandy 400 era (at least until July 2002), emailing Strong Bad would result in this automated response:
Thanks for your freakin email. I hope it's not stupid.
Once I finish these swiss cake rolls I'll read it and if it's awesome enough,
I'll answer it on the site.
But if your email is terrible, then it gets R.E.D. alright.
The Cheat Reads it, Strong Mad Eats it, and I Deletes it.
Click Here to see us in action!
Check back every Monday to see if your email has what it takes.
Watch me while I'm awesome,
Strong Bad

The link in the automated response leads to the Email Processing Room.

  • After random.bat was implemented, the email list comes from the rando.xml file. Before this, it was included in the Flash file.
  • Occasionally, there is a lengthy gap between email updates. This is sometimes recognized at the start of the next email, as in army, geddup noise, redesign, hremail3184, and sbemail206.
  • butt IQ, CGNU, 3 Wishes, and what I want are the only onsite emails with capital letters in their titles.
  • Typing sbemail.swf in the address bar will lead to the Flash file for the Compy 386 era.
  • Holding down the left mouse button and the tab key at the same time caused the area you pressed to go white (only for Lappy-era emails). You can move the mouse in the area without the original spot going away; however, if you leave the original area, the spot goes away (you can also create new dots, as long as they are partly overlapping another dot).
  • Some emails have different URLs instead of sbemail#.html.

[edit] Remarks

  • At Flashforward 2006, The Brothers Chaps gave a list of five things not to email Strong Bad about. Additional information about which emails are selected were given in a later radio interview.
  • During most emails, the back of Strong Bad's head is visible when he sits in front of the computer, which is why he often starts a new line before the text reaches the right side of the computer's screen. However, on the Strong Bad Email menu, his head is not seen at all. This is probably so the viewers can use the bottom scroll button without anything in the way.
  • During Lappynapped!, retirement A, and retirement B after the Lappy was kidnapped, and after hremail3184 when the Lappy was destroyed, it was still used for the Strong Bad Email menu. It is still updated to include the post-Lappy era emails.
  • Although the Compé was compressed into the Lappier, the Compé is still the featured computer on the menu and in Strong Bad's scroll button song.
  • If the random.bat button on the Lappy was clicked after hremail3184 was released, Strong Bad would still say the things during the random email selection even though he was absent.
  • The Strong Bad Email menu of the Corpy NT6 lacked a random button; however, Strong Bad sung his lines for selecting a random email and a random email would be selected by using a Flash seekbar.
  • The Compé menu lacked a random button from its introduction until August 31, 2009, when a new scroll button song was also released. During this time, right clicking and using the Play button would give the random button effect, but the email that was selected would be displayed in the Lappy's font.
  • The Compé Email menu zooms in before Strong Bad finishes double-clicking it.
  • The Compé Email menu's "go rando!" button is clickable, even when zooming in.
  • When Strong Bad's head moves, his mask protrudes the top of his head.

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