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"I'm the only girl."


Strong Bad Emails

Compé Era

(August 2009 — present)

Corpy NT6 Transition

(July 2009)

Lappy 486 Era

(November 2004 — June 2009)

Tandy 400 Era

(August 2001 — September 2002)

DVD Releases

DVD Emails

The following emails only appear on the DVD set:

Podstar Runner Releases

Beginning January 30, 2006, Strong Bad emails were released under a feature called Podstar Runner. They have featured popular Toons, Teen Girl Squads, and Strong Bad Emails in .m4v format. They are designed to be viewed on a Fifth Generation Apple iPod, but are workable on a variety of other portable media players. These emails are featured or have been featured through this service (in order of release, top left being the earliest, bottom right being the latest):

  • montage
  • personal favorites
  • sisters
  • death metal
  • theme park
  • crazy cartoonFuck your radio interview.
  • During most emails, you see the back of Strong Bad's head when he sits in front of the computer, which is why he often starts a new line before the text reaches the right side of the computer's screen. However, on the Strong Bad Email menu, you don't see his head at all. This is probably so the viewers can use the bottom scroll button without anything in the way.
  • During Lappynapped!, retirement A, retirement B after when the Lappy was kidnapped, and after hremail3184 when the Lappy is destroyed, it was still used for the Strong Bad Email menu.
  • If you clicked the random.bat button on the Lappy after hremail3184 was released, Strong Bad would still say the things during the random email selection even though he wasn't still there.
  • The Strong Bad Email menu of the Corpy NT6 lacked a random button; however, Strong Bad sung his lines for selecting a random email and a random email will be selected by using a Flash seekbar.
  • The Compé menu lacked a random button from its introduction until August 31, 2009, when a new scroll button song was also released. During this time, right clicking and using the play button would give the random button effect, but the email that was selected would be displayed in the Lappy's font.
  • The Compé Email Menu zooms in before Strong Bad finishes double-clicking it.
  • The Compé Email Menu's "go rando!" button is clickable, even when zooming in.
  • When Strong Bad's head moves, his mask protrudes the top of his head.

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