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Strong Bad Desktop Theme

The Strong Bad Desktop Theme is a desktop theme for Windows 98 and Windows ME. The original version is no longer linked from the site; however, an updated version is downloadable through April Fools' 2014 which adds an alternate Windows Start sound.



These are the sounds spoken by Strong Bad whenever a specific action happens:

  • Min — Awwww...
  • Max — Ohh!
  • Error — Holy crap!
  • Windows Start (original) — Hello, stupid, and welcome to your crappy computer!
  • Windows Start (updated) — Ongggg, doodle-ing! Ding ding ding ding! Welcome to Windows 98. WHY ARE YOU STILL USING WINDOWS 98??! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!! STOP BUYING COMPUTERS FROM THRIFT STORES, MAN!!
  • Windows Exit{singing} Good bye, stupid! We've had a lot of fun... on your crappy computer! Please don't ever come back!


The desktop background has a SB symbol with a boxing glove in the middle on it which is repeated in a pattern. The icons are Strong Bad's head (which represents My Computer), Strong Bad's boxing glove (Network Neighborhood), Strong Bad standing in front of a stack of papers (My Documents), and a toilet paper roll (Recycle Bin). When the bin is empty, the roll is, oddly, a full roll; when the bin has files in it, the roll is nearly used up. The waiting cursor is a bomb with an animated fuse.

Fun Facts


  • The new Windows Start sound is not linked to the actual sound in the desktop theme and has to be set manually.


  • The updated Windows Start theme is actually labeled a "shut down" theme.

Inside References

Real World References

  • The song Strong Bad sings for the start up sound in the update is the popular Microsoft Sound by Brian Eno, used as the start up sound for Windows 95.

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