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*Say Time: "The current time is ...!"
*Say Time: "The current time is ...!"
*Alarm: "Hey stupid! It's ...!
*Alarm: "Hey stupid! your phone is ringing!!!

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The current time is...

Strong Bad Clock is a clock available in the Downloads section of the site. It features an LCD Strong Bad, who speaks your computer's time in your choice of one of three voices:

  • Plain
  • Angry
  • Soothing

You can also set up an alarm so Strong Bad can alert you so you don't miss any appointments.

This download was made available after the email caper, where Homestar wonders what time it is and guesses that it is three in the afternoon. It is quite possible that The Brothers Chaps wanted Homestar to be able to determine the current time and use that in the email dialog, but were limited by time and technology. The next step was to have this clock download. This download is Windows only, however you can use the website's version, which is not a standalone program, on a Mac.




  • Say Time: "The current time is ...."
  • Alarm: "Baah! Baah! Baah! Baah! Hey, you told me to tell you when it was ...."


  • Say Time: "The current time is ...!"
  • Alarm: "Hey stupid! your phone is ringing!!!


  • Say Time: "Ohh! The current time is ...."
  • Alarm: "Oh, pardon the interruption, but you asked me to tell you when it was ...!"

Fun Facts

  • The beginning screen reads
Strong Bad's
Time Machine

This fantastic new
application will have
Strong Bad telling you
the time anytime you
want. And sometimes
when you don't!! Even
set an alarm so you
won't miss any of those
made up meetings!!
  • The clock can't really be used to wake you up, as whether he is set to or not, he will go off every half-hour. Also, the alarm notification doesn't loop, so it only plays once and is then silent.

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