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**[[The Poopsmith]]'s face.
**[[The Poopsmith]]'s face.
**[[Coach Z]], beginning to puke.
**[[Coach Z]], beginning to puke.
**[[The King of Town]]'s [[The King of Town's Castle|Old Castle]].
**[[The King of Town]]'s Old Castle.
**The King of Town's face.
**The King of Town's face.
**[[Homsar]]'s face.
**[[Homsar]]'s face.

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I'm so Bored!

The Strong Bad Message Bored was a fan bulletin board accessible through the Email menu. This board did not require registration, and the interface was very basic.


The Main Stuff

A common occurrence on the board was for someone to post that they had found a new easter egg by clicking on the 'O' in Message Bored, even though this egg had already been found and catalogued by the various fan groups of the time. The email "invisibility" makes fun of this by having the discarded Tandy 400 divulge the "secret" of the message bored "O".

The features of the message bored were simple -

(the one's that matter)

    • 1. Be cool.
    • 2. Be awesome.
    • 3. Be hilarious.
    • 4. Don't be stupid.

(the boring ones)

    • 5.You can use HTML in the body of your messages.
    • 6.Look, if a message says it's from me, then it really is. I totally delete all imposters, man.

Break a rule and get booted out.

The End of the Message Bored

As the site grew in popularity, a newer more advanced message board was created at but was closed citing overwhelming response within the first day of existence. Here is what The Brothers Chaps put up -

YOU GUYS WENT NUTS!! Okay, so we kinda underestimated the response the new bored would get. In the span of just a few hours, about a thousand people registered. That rules! Unfortunately, we didn't have stuff configured to handle that kinda slammage. So bear with us while we figure something else out. Until then, enjoy Strong Bad's Message Bored Games. If you don't know, ask the Tandy.

"Ask the Tandy", is again, apart of "invisibility".

Easter Eggs

  • Roll over Strong Bad's head to hear him say three different things.
    • "Ohhhh, I'm so bored!"
    • "!derob os m'I ,hhhhO"
    • "Why don't you post something already?

Fun Facts

  • As Matt and Mike divulge in one of the DVD commentaries, one of the regulars of the old Strong Bad Message Bored was a certain Pablo, most well-known for sending in the email that was the basis for flag day.
  • When the bored was up, different messages were displayed on the main page-
    • "Welcome to the Message Bored. Eternally runnin on empty."
    • "Welcome to the Bored. The proof isn't the taste!"

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