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Although Strong Bad is quite obsessive about everyone's spelling, grammar, and punctuation, he still makes some of the same mistakes himself. Additionally, he has a tendency to make up words during his emails.

Strong Bad's Mistakes

  • The Luau — Strong Bad misspells "you're" as "your" on the invitation to his marshmallow roast.
  • some kinda robot — In his very first email, Strong Bad misspells "before you go to bed" as "before you got to bed."
  • i love youFhqwhgads is misspelled as Fhqwgads, missing the h in between w and g. This is ironic because Strong Bad later complains about people misspelling it in emails.
  • i she be — Strong Bad types the phrase "all i gotta say..." The i isn't capitalized.
  • duck pond — Unfortunately, Strong Bad misspells unfortunately as unfortunatley.
  • band names — A space is added before, rather than after, a comma in this email: "the easiest way is to ,you know..."
  • Greeting Cards — Strong Bad types "its" instead of "it's."
  • dullard — Strong Bad incorrectly uses the one-word adjective everyday instead of the two-word adverb every day.
  • techno — Strong Bad uses the possessive form of its instead of it's in the statement, "well, its not really my style." Ironically, he later lampoons Dan D. through song in local news for the same mistake.
  • dragon — After demonstrating how to draw Trogdor, Strong Bad says, "Let's see how the other students are doing." However, when he types it, he omits the word see.
  • interview — Strong Bad catches himself using the phrase "more better" in responding to Kerrek.
  • the show — Not only does Strong Bad miss a question mark in this email ("And what's with that flying mushroom he's always advertising for."), he also makes two capitalization errors while typing The Cheat's name.
  • funny — At the beginning of the email, Strong Bad misspells the filename of his email client, strongbad_email.exe, as stongbad_email.exe. (This may be a reference to being called "Stong Bad" in 50 emails.)
  • the process — After stating that he makes fun of people's poor grammar and spelling, Strong Bad promptly misspells the word occasionally as occassionally.
  • monument — After explaining that he was distracted by the Thnikkaman, Strong Bad omits a period: "So you can see why I got distracted".
  • Cheatar — Strong Bad uses "than me" when he should use "than I am".
  • pom pom — Strong Bad omits the umlaut over the "a" in Fräulein in his letter to "General and Fraulein Pom Pom." Additionally, he uses an exclamation point rather than a question mark at the end of "Poking Pom Pom with a pin while he's on fire!"
  • pizzaz — The accepted spellings of this email's title, pizazz and pizzazz, are not used in this email. Strong Bad not only misses this, he even uncharacteristically adopts the misspelling throughout the email.
  • time capsule — Strong Bad types "your hot single Mom" at one point. In this situation, after the possessive "your," mom doesn't need to be capitalized.
  • part-time job — Strong Bad neglects to use a question mark or quotation marks at the beginning: "What do you mean do I do anything else besides checking e-mails."
  • origins — Curiously, Strong Bad misspells curiosity as curiousity.
  • garage sale — Strong Bad again unnecessarily capitalizes "mom".
  • bottom 10 — Though it is spelled properly in the bottom 10 list, the word chocolate appears as chocloate on Strong Bad's monitor at the end of the email.
  • portrait — Strong Bad misplaces a period. "Guess what? Nobody calls you Coolio da Fabio (aka quit making up nicknames for yourself.)" The period should be outside the parentheses, but Strong Bad puts it inside. He also uses a period rather than a question mark at the end of "rich-guy newspapers."
  • secret identity — When Strong Bad asks "have you ever seen The Poopsmith and I...", it should be "The Poopsmith and me".
  • pop-up — Strong Bad types "four year-old." As an adjective for the implied noun "child," it should be written "four-year-old."
  • unnatural — Strong Bad forgets to put a comma after "apostrophes" in "Watch out where you're flinging those apostrophes nobody."
  • web comics — Strong Bad ends the sentence "Why can't you just make a...comic" with a period instead of a question mark.
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — In the second email, Strong Bad's reply omits the word "is" in the remark "Dangeresque is a serious guy, okay?".
  • labor day — Strong Bad types "Woah!" instead of "Whoa!".

Strong Bad's Made-up Words and Phrases

  • guitar — Strong Bad refers to trembalos, which is a mangling of tremolo, a rapid repetition of the same note, or an alternation between two or more notes.
  • suntan — Strong Bad says that the "Ab-Abber" can make him a thousandaire... or, at least, a hundredaire. He also creates the phrase All up ons. Hundredaire is also used in part-time job.
  • kids' book — Strong Bad teaches children the word fangoriously.
  • local news — Strong Mad's subtitle, written on an index card, reads "Sportscarster Strong Mad." Strong Bad seems to be the culprit of this misspelling because (A) he threw together the news broadcast and (B) it's his handwriting, as seen in dragon.
  • lackey — Three words coalesce into one in this email: Some the times becomes somethetimes.
  • monument — Strong Bad refers to the Stop Sign as having "all the rightness of a foot without all the footdom of a right."
  • lunch special — Strong Bad changes the email "someone" sent to him to end with "Keep on tranglin".
  • Cheatar — Strong Bad describes The Cheat as being "More guitarer" than he is.
  • time capsule — Strong Bad creates the word coolty to describe something the people of the future definitely won't doubt about him.
  • animal — The deep sea fanglyfish is another new invention of Strong Bad's, both literally and physically.
  • part-time job — Strong Bad refers to himself as a hundredaire socialite. ("Hundredaire" was repeated from suntan.)
  • secret recipes — In order to cover up the fact that Strong Bad has a recipe for cooking The Cheat, he invents the countries/cities of Bumdumbourge and Totalslava. The Cheat, as evidenced by his later reading choices, doesn't buy it.
  • best thing — Strong Bad claims to be doing rrll rrll well in this email.
  • TrogdorCon '97 — Strong Bad asks The Cheat if they'll be selling "million-sided dies", rather than the correct plural of die, dice.
  • bedtime story — The words grodalated and gewd are coined in this email.
  • portraitOnwardly, possibly an adverb form of onward.
  • highschool — Strong Bad greets Patrick, the sender of the email, with cowichewa.
  • death metal — The word geographist is coined in this email. (The correct word for "one who studies geography" is "geographer".)
  • pop-up — Strong Bad refers to a tab on his fleshtangle. He also mentions cornuco-pourri, probably a portmanteau of cornucopia and potpourri.
  • disconnected — Strong Bad's disembodied head refers to the actions of his headless body as revolutin'.
  • candy product — Strong Bad says that when you eat his candy bar, you'll feel like you got SBLOUNSKCHED! He also refers to a product in his candy bar as a crispety cookety log.
  • alternate universe — Although the term was originally coined by Strong Sad in Sbemail 150?!?, Strong Bad refers to this email as his sesquicentenn-email.
  • fan club — In Strong Bad's fan fiction, an eight-foot sub sandwich constrictor "ENGSMSPLODED out of nowhere" to attack Strong Sad.
  • dictionary — This email is entirely about Strong Bad's made up words and phrases.

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