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[[Category:Character Variations]]
[[Category:Character Variations]]
[[Category:Foreign Lands]]

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The Storybook World is a place in the Homestar Runner universe based on the Original Book by Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel. It often refers to the past, utilizing the book's more primitive, hand-drawn art style. It features Storybook versions of characters and places such as the field and the moon, and even has has one of its own places called the Sweet Sweet Rainbow Bridge. It also sometimes features characters from the Original Book, such as Mr. Bland and Señor, who, according to Strong Bad, were crushed by a falling Bubs' Concession Stand. Some of the original characters have slightly different names, such as The Homestar Runner, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, The Prince of Town, and Coach Zee; all of them have slightly different personalities than their present-day counterparts.


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