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The Homestar Runner Store offers a wide selection of shirts for purchase. Some of the older designs are no longer available. A few shirts that were discontinued were reintroduced.


Available Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Bear holding a Shark Mysterious Myth... or Legendary Legend?

As seen in SBEmail 145!! For a limited time only, you can have your very own "My Baby Got Stole by a Bear Holding a Shark" T-shirt. White image on a 100% cotton navy blue t-shirt. Adult Sizes Sm - XXXL, Youth Large and Women's Medium and Large. Blank on back.

The T-shirt sold out twice. This is the message for the third batch:

Bear Holding a Shark

This here is our third batch of "My Baby Got Stole by a Bear Holding a Shark" t-shirts. No pushing or shoving please, we think we ordered enough for everybody this time.

These are 100% cotton navy blue t-shirts, blank on the back.

Women's sizes are American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Tees which are contour cut for a flattering fit. 100% Fine Jersey Cotton.

Eh! Steve! At! Last!...Eh! Steve!

From a burled holiday cabbage to a hole at Sweet Puttin' Cakes and right on to his very own shirt, Eh! Steve! is unstoppable. He's appearing on a chestnut brown shirt to bring out the color of his eyes. The girly style is an American Apparel shirt (also called a "Gym Tee") in mélange chocolate brown with brown cuffs and collar. All shirts have Eh! Steve! on the front, blank on the back.

"Five-dor" T-shirt Half a Decade of Burnination!

This special edition Trogdor design is available only for a short time! Get yours while they last because quantities are limited!

Homestar Classic Don't Mess with the Classics!

Seven years ago, we had just one t-shirt available in our store and this was it!! We're bringing back the "Homestar Classic" for a limited time only, so get your little piece of Homestar history while you still can. And at the special price of just $12 for regular sizes, these are sure to sell out quickly! Click on the size category below to choose the size that fits you best.

Nebulon EVERYONE will like YOUR style when you wear this red 100% cotton t-shirt featuring Nebulon. Comes in sizes Adult Small through Triple Extra Large and sizes Medium and Large for the ladies.
Pistols for Pandas They Need All The Firepower They Can Get!

First introduced in Marzipan's Answering Machine #14, Pistols for Pandas is the fictitious wildlife organization responsible for putting handguns in the paws of underprivileged and unarmed pandas. Show your support for this just cause by purchasing this quality 100% cotton t-shirt. It features the Pistols for Pandas logo on the front and the quote "They Need All the Firepower they can Get" on the back. Comes in Adult sizes Small through Triple Extra Large and Ladies Medium and Large.

The Pizz Serving Up Strong Badian Style T-shirts!

From the successful and well reviewed pizza joint of the same name, The Pizz t-shirt offers 100% cotton comfort at a price that won't put a dent in your wallet.

sloshy we don't really even care about you

here is the official band t-shirt for strong bad's favorite/least favorite "metal" band. the front features the upside down sloshy name and the back reads "we don't really even care about you." (also upside down)

Star Shirt Wear a Star — Just Like Homestar!!

This "STAR" shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and comes in sizes Youth Large through Adult Triple Extra Large.

Strong Bad The Supreme Ruler of Strong Badia!

This is a 100% preshrunk charcoal colored shirt with a full body image of Strong Bad.

Strong Badman July Shirt-of-The-Month

He's been around since SB Email 29 and somehow he never made it on to his own shirt...until now! Introducing the totally new t-shirt based on the comic book series The Total Adventures of Strong Badman! This 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt is sure to intimidate any foe whether it be Deutschman, Moth Mouth or Scantron. (Li'l Stiny not included. Blank on the back).

Support the Municipality! Support the Municipality!

Now The King of Town and The Poopsmith are on the same shirt and in their most oppressive forms. Inspired by SBEmail disconnected, the front of this 100% cotton "Storm Grey" shirt features the menacing visage of the King of Town. On the back, three Poopsmiths in full riot gear warn "We're on to You."

Teen Girl Squad Check out the Fashions of Teen Girl Squad

Choose from two different girly shirt styles: spaghetti strap or baby doll with black cap sleeves. The back of the girly shirts features the speech balloon "i have a crush on everyboy."

Trogdor Black Trogdor Burninates the Countryside!!

This shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and features Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty. Available in a variety of Youth Sizes, Adult Sizes and Baby Doll Sizes. Click on the icons below for the size category that fits you best!

You Reek-A! Show Your Tact and Professionalism!

Designed by Strong Bad in the email underlings, our new "You Reek-A" t-shirt is the perfect way to send a subtle hint to all of your friends, relatives and smunderlings. These are 100% cotton shirts with some kind of science person on the front and blank on the back. Sizes Adult Small through Triple Extra Large. Medium and Large girly styles for the lady types.

Discontinued Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Bubs Check it Out, Check it Out, Check it Out

You'll always be awesome in this light blue shirt featuring Free Country USA's enterprising entrepreneur - BUBS. Please note: there is not a typo on this shirt. It's supposed to say "BUBS' CONCES5ION STAND"

The shirt was re-introduced in November 2006 for the holidays.

We're Always Awesome!

The Bubs shirts come only once a year, so get yours NOW!
This image of Bubs is printed on a 100% preshrunk cotton light blue t-shirt. The back is blank.

The Cheat! Everyone's Favorite Little Yellow Guy!

The front of this quality 100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt features The Cheat in all his glory and the website address is printed on the back.

The Cheat The Cheat Navy Blue Edition!

Many fans have asked for The Cheat on another color besides red, so now we bring you...The Cheat - Navy Edition! This shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and features everyone's favorite Little Guy, The Cheat! Available in a variety of Youth Sizes, Adult Sizes and Baby Doll Sizes. Click on the icons below for the size category that fits you best!

Cheat Commandos Buy All Our Playsets and Toys!

Reynold, Fightgar, Gunhaver, Firebert and Silent Rip - all on a cool navy blue 100% cotton preshrunk tee shirt. The Cheat Commandos slogan "Rock, Rock On!! is printed on the back of the shirt!

Coach Z Proudly wear a "Z" just like Coach Z! This 50/50% cotton blend shirt is Kelly Green and comes in sizes Youth Large through Adult XL plus Baby Doll Medium.
The shirt was re-introduced in November 2006 for the holidays.

Not Coach X or Coach Y, but Coach Dang Z!

These shirts come but once a year, so get yours now just in time for Decemberween. A giant gold Z adorns these kelly green, 100% cotton shirts. The back is blank.

Cool Tapes Cool Tapes Are Cool And We Like It Like That!

This is the one you've been waiting for! As seen in the easter egg at the end of "Cool Things," this light blue shirt is made of 100% heavy weight cotton. The front speaks for itself and the back is blank.

No image available Crazy Go Nuts University Dumples Crazy Go Nuts University Dumples!!

Whether you're fighting or sometimes striving, you'll always be in fashion in this genuine Crazy Go Nuts University t-shirt. Made of 100% preshrunk cotton in heather grey with red University block lettering and, of course, a picture of the CGNU mascot.

Duck Shirt Duck Shirt

Some folk will say you are a terrific athlete when you wear your very own Duck Shirt just like the one the Homestar Runner wears in Strong Bad email 100! This 100% preshrunk cotton shirt comes in lemon yellow for regular sizes and pastel lemon for the baby doll size. Blank on back.

Get Ye Flask Get Ye Flask

We presenteth a Get Ye Flask shirt. Tis available in the assortment of sizes listeth below. The colour tis black as pitch and the yonder side revealeth naught. (the back is blank)

No image available No image available Homestar Runner Baseball Jersey Knock One Outta the Park!!!

Now you can savor fond memories of the baseball season till spring training when you wear this Royal Blue baseball jersey-type T-shirt!! Its got "Homestar Runner" emblazoned across the front in colorful script lettering and Homestar Runner web address tastefully printed on the back.

Homestar Lite Homestar Lite

Here's a brand new Homestar style - Homestar prancing on a white shirt with a pale blue star background. Regular cut t-shirts are 100% cotton in sizes Youth Large through Adult Triple Extra Large. The baby doll style for the ladies is Medium/One Size which fits sizes 0-8. The back of this shirt is blank.

Homestar Running We found various sizes of our Homestar Running shirt during Spring Cleaning at our warehouse. These shirts are a steal, but only limited quantities are available.
Homestar's 10th Birthday My, How You've Seriously Grown!

Check out the evolution of Homestar over the years...from a crappy drawing in a children's book to a crappy animated character on the web! This limited-edition shirt commemorates Homestar's 10th Birthday and in his honor regular sizes are only $10!

The T-shirt was reintroduced in late October 2006.


Homestar Runner's 10 Year Anniversary shirt was such a big hit last summer that we're bringing it back! And it's still at the special anniversary price of just $10 for regular sizes!

This shirt features the evolution of Homestar from a crappy drawing in a children's book to an animated character on the web!

Homsar - Raised by a Cup of Coffee On the front of this royal blue shirt is a picture of America's favorite blue midget Homestar - Homsar! On the back is his "Raised by a Cup of Coffee" logo.
This shirt was reintroduced in November 2007.



Li'l Brudder Here Comes Li'l Brudder

He'll scrape right along and right into your heart! Li'l Brudder first appeared in the Strong Bad email "crying" and now he's appearing on his very own shirt! On the front of this white 100% preshrunk cotton tee, Li'l Brudder proudly proclaims, "I can make it on my own." The back of this shirt is blank. Choose from the sizes below. Please wear with caution as the sight of Li'l Brudder has been known to cause uncontrollable crying

Limozeen Proclaim your allegiance to METAL! Now you can own a shirt featuring Strong Bad's favorite metal band – Limozeen!! These recently discovered unsold concert tees are from their triumphant 2001 "Zeenin' Across the Country" tour. This groundbreaking odyssey of rock included stops in Pantsburg, Loughleyton, Dempsey, and Broiter Grove, among other landmark concert sites, all listed on the back of this collectors item! (babydoll sizes don't have the list of concert sites on the back) Don't wait – get yours today!!
No image available No image available Marshie Fluffy Puff and Marshie!!

Now you can have a tee shirt featuring Homestar's favorite food - Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, with a big smiling image of Marshie on the front!!

Marzipan Marzipan T-shirt

This red shirt featuring Marzipan is available in baby doll sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. Also available in regular t-shirt sizes Adult Small and Medium. Red shirts made of 100% preshrunk cotton. The back of this shirt is blank.

Pom Pom Bubble de Bubble!!!

He's Big and Orange, and so is this great shirt, with Pom Pom's image floating across the front!!! You're sure to love it!! Get yours today!! To order, click on the available sizes shown below below!!

Scalding Lake Where's My Cottage?

You'll look Rather Dashing in this stylish Scalding Lake t-shirt. Sizes Youth Large through Adult XXXL are sand colored shirts made of 50/50 cotton blend. The ladies baby doll is a 100% cotton, nude colored shirt with brown cap sleeves.

Senor Cardgage No Probalo!

He's a garage sale lurker, he's a movie theater ticket taker and now he's on his very own t-shirt! This 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt features Senor Cardgage and his famous quote "No Probalo!" Blank on back. Adult sizes Small through Triple Extra Large. Also girly shirts in Medium and Large for the lady types.

Stinko Man Blue Ringer Shirt Double Deuce!!!

If you're up for a challenge or maybe some light fighting, then you need this shirt featuring Stinko Man in his famous "double deuce" pose. This Bayside brand shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a blue collar and cuffs to match Stinko Man's blue hair. Width and Length dimensions of each size are shown below. The back of this shirt is blank.

20X6 Stinko Man 20X6 Stinko Man Shirt!!!

Inspired by the 20X6 Stinko Man game, this cool red shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and bears four images of the "20X6 Stinko Man" on the front and the "20X6" logo on one sleeve. Get yours now 'cause this shirt is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Strong Bad Head Strong Bad Head

Here's Strong Bad's handsome face on a white 100% cotton Tee Shirt with Black "Ringers" around the neck and sleeves.

This shirt was unavailable for a while but after allowing fans to vote, returned with this message:

Strong Bad Head - Available Again!

I heard all your whining like "I want my mom to buy me a Strong Bad Head shirt" or "I have to have a shirt with Strong Bad's awesome head on it." So here it is. Now quit bugging me. -SB

No image available Strong Bad Mask Strong Bad Mask Shirt

A black T-shirt with Strong Bad's mug!! What could be sweeter? Get yours today!! To order, click on the available sizes shown below!!

This shirt was unavailable for some time, then was put back on clearance:

SB Mask Clearance XL Only

We found some Extra Large sizes of the old Strong Bad Mask Shirts. This was the second shirt ever to be sold in the Homestar Store. It's a collector's item and a steal at only $8!

Strong Bad Zone Your Head A Splode!

This fabulous shirt has a vivid red 3-D type image of Strong Bad's face on a black, 100% cotton pre-shrunk tee shirt. The caption on the front proclaims "Your Head A Splode". The back displays the name of the shirt - Strong Bad Zone.

Strong Sad Strong Sad "I'm Sad that I'm on a t-shirt"

Like a gray and depressing Santa Claus, our Strong Sad shirt comes but once a year. Get yours now because once we sell out, we're not going to re-stock these.

Trogdor Lite Trogdor Lite

This white shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and features Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty.

Videlectrix We Use Make Video Games!

Videlectrix is the leading name in pixelated gaming so the next logical addition to their product line is t-shirts! An image of the patented Videlectrix floppy disk adorns this 100% cotton t-shirt. PLUS these shirts are "Sharpie Ready" so you can write in the title of your favorite Videlectrix game! Is it Trogdor or Peasant's Quest or maybe Pigs on Head? Go to the Videlectrix Catalog to reacquaint yourself with the whole Videlectrix family.

Wind-up Homestar Introducing Wind-Up Homestar

Wind 'em up Dan! Have you ever seen Homestar look so adorable? And just in case he forgot, there's a nice arrow telling him which way to go. These Royal Blue shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton with Wind-Up Homestar on the front and blank on the back.

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