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The following are all CDs and DVDs that were listed at the Yahoo Store. The Shopify store continues to offer DVDs and CDs.


CD Name Description
Strong Bad Sings CD Strong Bad CD

The Strong Bad Sings CD* features extended versions of your favorite Strong Bad hits such as "TROGDOR," "The System is Down" and "The Cheat is Not Dead" plus many, many more. Also includes songs by Limozeen, Taranchula, Marzipan and other characters. Total of 20 tracks in all. PLUS, pop it into your computer for an exclusive video of the Coach Z song "These Peoples Try to Fade Me"

*Produced by the brothers chaps and the guys of The Yacht Rock Revue (formerly Y-O-U)


DVD Name Description
Strong Bad Emails — 3 Disc DVD Set Strong Bad Emails — 3 Disc DVD Set
  • Emails 1-100 with all of the hidden pop-ups and easter eggs
  • 3 previously unreleased emails and 4 Karaoke videos
  • Commentaries by the creators
  • Lots of puppet stuff and behind the scenes footage
  • Region Free
Image:Strong_bad_email.exe_disc_4_.png Strong Bad Emails — Disc 4 Strong Bad Emails Disc 4
  • Emails 101 - 130 with all the hidden scenes and easter eggs!
  • One previously unreleased Email and 2 new karaoke videos!
  • Commentaries on every email, puppet action and other bonus stuff!
  • Region Free
Image:Strongbad_email.exe_Disc_5.PNG Strong Bad Emails — Disc 5

Strong Bad Emails Disc 5!

  • Emails 131 - 160 with all the easter eggs and pop-ups
  • Commentary tracks on every email
  • An exclusive never-before-seen email!
  • Over two hours of non-stop hilarity
Image:Strongbad email.exe Disk 6.PNG Strong Bad Emails — Disc 6

Strong Bad Emails Disc 6

  • Emails 161 - 200 with all the hidden scenes and easter eggs!
  • One previously unreleased Email!
  • Commentaries on every Email!
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Cartoons!
  • Region Free
Image:50sbemailsnew.png Sbemails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD

Sbemail's 50 Greatest Hits

  • 50 fan favorite Sbemails on one disc!
  • No tape leg or boring (really)!
  • 5 bonus Sbemails!
  • Interactive menus!
  • Bonus Features?!
Everything Else, Volume 1 Everything Else, Volume 1
  • Teen Girl Squad Cartoons up to #10
  • Cartoons from the Shorts Menu
  • Marzipan's Answering Machines #1 - 12
  • Puppet Stuff and Music Videos!
  • Commentaries, unreleased shorts, and Peasant's Quest outtakes!
Image:Everything_Else_2.PNG Everything Else, Volume 2 Everything Else, Volume 2!!!
  • All the Holiday Cartoons through "Trogday 2006"
  • All the Big Toons through 2005
  • The Return of "Marshmallow's Last Stand" and "A Jumping Jack Contest"
  • Cheat Commandos Cartoons
  • New Cheat Commandos Interactive Game!
  • Commentaries, Unreleased Cartoons and More!
Image:Everything Else Volume 3 Store.png Everything Else, Volume 3 Everything Else, Volume 3!

More toons of the "Everything Else" variety! Includes:

  • All the latest Big Toons and Shorts
  • 2006 Holiday Toons
  • Teen Girl Squad Episodes 11-13
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine - Versions 13.2 and 14.2
  • "DVD Exclusive" Limozeen Cartoon Show Episode
  • Interactive "Where's The Cheat?" DVD game
  • Creator Commentaries, Easter Eggs, Other Bonus Stuff
SBCG4AP Collector's DVD All 5 episodes are packed onto one DVD for your clicking and pointing enjoyment! Packed with extras and bonus video goodies! PC DVD-ROM only.

Videlectrix and Telltale Games have teamed up to finally bring Strong Bad and all your favorite Homestar characters to their own 3D point-and-click-em-up adventure game!

Wii Customers! Get it from the Wii Shop Channel! For WiiWare help and info, click here.


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