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These little guys are between 2 and 2.5 inches tall made of PVC. Sculpted by our pal Rick Van Velsor.
These little guys are between 2 and 2.5 inches tall made of PVC. Sculpted by our pal Rick Van Velsor.
[[File:WaveoTShirtsBanner.png|Wave o' T-shirts!]]
==Fun Facts==
==Fun Facts==

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Homestore Runner!

The Store, also known as Homestore Runner, is where one can buy Homestar Runner merchandise. It is also one of the main sources of income for The Brothers Chaps, allowing to remain ad-free.

Rather than running on Yahoo's Small Business Ecommerence system that the Flash Store and Yahoo Store used to run on, the Shopify store runs on the Shopify store directly on the site rather than having a custom URL.

Shopify replaced the Yahoo Store on March 23, 2015, when most direct links to the Store were replaced to direct to the Shopify store.

Page Title: All Types of Crazy Crap!




Shirt Close-up Name Description
H*R Fun Run Ah, Fun Runs! Remember how you had to wake up at like 6AM on Saturday and miss cartoons and all they gave you for breakfast was a banana and some GatorGum? This Labor Dabor 1 Mile Fun Run T-Shirt remembers! (Sweat stains not included)
Homestar Stripey Shirt Whoa-OOOOAAA-aaa! Homestar's swooshing all over this shirt like the outside of a 70's roller rink! Oh man! Next birthday! Roller skate party! Put it on the calendar now!
It's Dot Com Shirt Let everybody, everybody know that you know that is, in fact, dot com.
Jibblies Shirt Give everyone else the Jibblies with this horrible t-shirt of the horrible painting from Strong Mad's closet!


WARNING: Side effects may include people actually trying to come on in here.

Sleepy Homestar Shirt Wake up and have a coffee with sleepy Homestar and his weird bunny(?) slippers.

Now you too can put cinnamon on your face to mimic an unshaven style!

Thanks for breaking his cow lamp!

Sloshy Record Store Day Shirt Celebrate Record Store Day with this obscure Sloshy t-shirt featuring their even-more-obscure B-side-only 7-inch "B-est of B-Sides." What could be obscurier than releasing your new single on a t-shirt instead of any actual listenable media?!
Sloshy Shirt

Show how much you don't really even care about Sloshy with the official band t-shirt! People will now all-the-time come up to you and go, "Slosh-aaayy!" Isn't that GREAT?!

Strong Bad Mask
Trogdor Shirt

Nothing says "I was in college in the early-to-mid 2000's like a shirt with everyone's favorite beefy-armed dragon.

Brainkrieg Shirt

Originally only available in 'hastily hand-drawn in paintpen on thrift store t-shirts right before our show at the Rec Center' format, now YOU can proudly wear Brainkrieg's band logo on your front portion! JUGGA JIGGA WUGGA!


Shirt Close-up Name Description
Trodgor Hoodie The crisp fall air is no match for Trogdor's world famous pullover hoodie! Pretend you are a peasant that has been burninated to a golden black! Wingaling style never looked so good!

Our American Apparel California Fleece Pullover hoodie is made with 100% cotton with kangaroo pockets.

Trodgor Zip Hoodie Zip up that majesty! Let Trogdor's burnination (and softy fleecey whatev) keep you warm on those cool Peasantry nights! Two pockets for holding extra spinedies and consummate V's. Drawstrings for hiding your ugly peasant face inside the hood!

Our zip up hoodie is crafted in super soft Eco-Fleece for lightweight warmth and comfort in a perfectly tailored fit.

Star Zip Hoodie Hey wow! Homestar's famous star shirt is now in zip-hoodie form! This changes everything, right? Perfect for those crisp autumnal breeze-winds! This thing will never get stuck in your craw!

Our zip up hoodie is crafted in super soft Eco-Fleece for lightweight warmth and comfort in a perfectly tailored fit.

Baby Stuff

Shirt Close-up Name Description
File:Homestar Babies Onesie.PNG File:Homestar Babies Onesie Detail.PNG Homestar Babies
Bear Holding A Shark Onesie Every baby who's anybaby wants to get stole by a bear holding a shark. Make it happen for the dang kid!
Trogdor Onesie

DVDs and CDs

Disc Name Description
Image:Ev Else.PNG Everything Else, Volume 1 Give the non-sbemails some love with the first collection of Everything Else from the website!
  • Teen Girl Squad Cartoons up to #10
  • Cartoons from the Shorts Menu
  • Marzipan's Answering Machines #1 - 12
  • Puppet Stuff and Music Videos!
  • Commentaries, unreleased shorts, and Peasant's Quest outtakes!
Image:Everything_Else_2.PNG Everything Else, Volume 2
  • All the Holiday Cartoons through "Trogday 2006"
  • All the Big Toons through 2005
  • The Return of "Marshmallow's Last Stand" and "A Jumping Jack Contest"
  • Cheat Commandos Cartoons
  • New Cheat Commandos Interactive Game!
  • Commentaries, Unreleased Cartoons and More!
Image:Strongbad_email.exe_Disc_5.PNG Strong Bad Emails — Disc 5
  • Emails 131 - 160 with all the easter eggs and pop-ups<br>
  • Commentary tracks on every email<br>
  • One "DVD exclusive" never-before-seen email!<br>
  • Over two hours of non-stop hilarity
Image:Strong Bad Sings CD.png Strong Bad Sings CD

The Strong Bad Sings CD features extended versions of your favorite Strong Bad hits such as

  • “The System is Down”
  • “The Cheat is Not Dead”
  • "Because, it's Midnite" by Limozeen
  • "Moving Very Slowly" by Taranchula
  • And a some lot more!

20 tracks in all. Comes with color booklet and LIMOZEEN sticker to put on your crappy practice amp!

PLUS, pop it into your computer for an exclusive video of the Coach Z song "These Peoples Try to Fade Me."


iPhone 6 iPhone 5 Name Description
Compy iPhone Case

Dumb down that smartphone a couple notches with the Compy iPhone Case. Manual calibration dials! Gigantic serial port! 56k modem! OMG STATUS LITEZZ!!

Available for iPhone 6, 6+, 5*, and 4.

*Works with iPhone 5s but may obscure the camera flash.

Tough yet lightweight shell made of hard rubber with textured side grips and strong metal back.

Homestar Stripey iPhone Case

Strong Bad-proof your iPhone 4, 5*, 6, or 6+ with this image of swirly Homestar prancing all over the dang place!

*will also fit iPhone 5S but may partially obscure the camera flash

iPhone case, tough yet lightweight shell made of hard rubber with textured side grips and strong metal back.

Videlectrix Fhone Machine iPhone Case

Videlectrix finally horns in on the handheld market! "Play" all your favorite "games" in 2 modes and 2 types even!!*

Choose from Stinkoman 20X6, Trogdor, Peasant's Quest, Where's an Egg?, and StrongBadZone!

*Oh man! This is NOT a real handheld gaming device! It's just an iPhone case with some pictures on it! We put things in quotes up there so you can't sue us!

All available in iPhone 6, 6plus, 5, 5s, and 4!

iPhone case, tough yet lightweight shell made of hard rubber with textured side grips and strong metal back.


Mug Front Mug Back Mug Side Name Description
Raised by a Cup of Coffee
World's Best Crooked Cop

Is there a crooked cop in your life that you've always wanted to say, "Hey, I put masking tape on a coffee mug for you," to? Then this here mug will make the perfect gift! It's just like the one The Chief gave to Dangeresque after he solved the Alfonso Headspin Case of '84.


Sleepy Homestar Mug Wake up with sleepy, cinnamon-faced Homestar every morning with this great, great, great, great mug.
Trogdor Mug Drink your coffee (or tea, if you must) from a beefy-armed, wing-a-ling mug. The almighty Burninator on one side, the unmighty burninated thatch-roofed cottage on the other.


Poster Name Description
Trogdor Poster

Mom is totally gonna send you back to Sunday School when she sees Lord High Wingaling all up on your wall! No frills for r'lz! Just Trogdor in all his majesty! Burninate your bed, dorm, or rumpus room walls with this mug*!

(*not an actual mug. s'a poster.)

Playsets & Toys!

Playset Name Description
Cheat Commandos Figurines Cheat Commandos Figurines

Buy all their playsets and toys! These vinyl figurines are just under 2 inches tall and ready for action! Set includes Gunhaver*, Crackotage, Fightgar, Silent Rip, Firebert, Reynold, and even Blue Laser Commander! (*does NOT have gun)

If you have a lame backyard with no cool waterfalls or boulders in it, then print out your own playsets HERE to maximize fun and adventure!

Homestar Runner Figurines Series #1 Homestar Runner Figurines Series #1

This set features all your favs! Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Marzipan, Strong Sad, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Mad, and Pom Pom! Perfect for your desk, monitor, cubicle, dorm room, or prison cell!

These little guys are between 1 inch (The Cheat) and 3 inches tall (Strong Mad). Made of PVC. Sculpted by our pal Rick Van Velsor.

Homestar Runner Figurines Series #1 Homestar Runner Figurines Series #2 (sold out)

Oh stamps! Here are even more figurines! This set has Homsar, the King of Town, the Poopsmith, Homestar Running (with action bush mini-extreme-playset!), and Bucket-hand/Megaphone-hand Strong Bad featuring bonus BathTime The Cheat!

These little guys are between 2 and 2.5 inches tall made of PVC. Sculpted by our pal Rick Van Velsor.


Wave o' T-shirts!

Fun Facts


  • The bottom copyright notice says "Copyright © 2021 Homestore Runner" despite Homestar Runner trademarks and copyrights being filed under Harmless Junk, Inc.

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