Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 5

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Level 5- OH, THE MOON!

"1-Up proves he's just not a kid. But can he be The Guy?"

Stage 5.1 (Transcript)

{Cut to view of the city.}

NARRATOR: {subtitled} STINKOMAN HEADQUARTERS... {the headquarters sparkle just a bit as the familiar (CHING!) noise is made.}

{Cut to inside of Stinkoman headquarters. Stinkoman is playing a video game. 1-Up walks in from the right.}



{the camera zooms in to a shot of 1-Up's face}

1-UP: {subtitled} GULP! {he shows surprise}

{1-Up exits the building like Stinkoman did in level 3. He then walks ahead, and the scenery suddenly changes to the moon's surface, the two different areas divided by just a line. 1-Up does not seem perturbed by this sudden change.}

1-UP: {subtitled} NOW I'M ON THE MOOOOOOON! {makes a happy face}

Level 5.1

Okay, this may not be easy.

  • First, plow your way across a field of Bendini sisters. After that, make sure you kick the Chorch under the platform, but be sure he's in range. 1-up's attack only works close up where he can reach.
  • Climb up the ladder and you'll meet a browntant. Dodge his attack and get close enough to kick him.
  • Get on the moving platform. Be careful. An Astromund is coming. Since you can't attack it, just jump over it. Then be aware of the Kolkaryu coming up. Stay under it until it disappears.
  • Grab the power crunch and get on the conveyor belt. Watch out for Old sages. Another Astromund is coming. Jump over it and kick the Choch cluster.
  • Before you hit the Old sages on the wall, go down the ladder. Watch for the Jaro below.
  • A Piedmont is over the ladder you need to get down. Wait for it to stop, then climb down.
  • Watch out for the trapdoor. Just like in level 1.2, jump down when it's up, then jump onto solid ground immediatly.
  • Another Bendini sister is coming. Dodge and move on.
  • Uh Oh, a Downtant. Jump over his attack and kick him. Beware! He shoots out 5 shots in 5 different diretions.
  • Grab the well deserved power crunch on the other side. Climb the ladder up. Don't go to the right just yet, it'll be explained.
  • Right: there is a browntant shooting. Don't bother. Just dodge while jumping on the trapdoors on the right times. Grab the power crunch and turn back.
  • Climb up the ladder and you'll meet some Chorches. Just kick 'em.
  • Jump over the two Astromunds and be aware of the Downtants. Stay out of their range. (They aren't as simple as normal Kolkaryus. You need to be a little off to the side to survive).
  • While you are running under the Downtants, an Astromund will run to you. Jump over him.
  • Jump on the platform. Another Bendini sister will come. Stay to the left.
  • Two Browntants side by side, really close together will fire. Jump at the right time(when one is flashing) and go down the ladder.
  • Grab the power crunch resting on the ladder. Jump onto the conveyor belt and keep running. It faces left to a pit.
  • There is a Piedmont. Jump off the first conveyor when he is off and proceed.
  • Keep passing the conveyors. Be carful of a Downtant above you. Stay out of the way. Watch out for the Jaro under the Downtant.
  • If you die, instead of saying "My stummy hurts," It says, "My tongue is green"

Level 5.2

  • Climb up the ladders, avoiding the Downtant's fire.
  • Kick the Downtants to death before proceeding up each ladder.
  • If you get hurt on the way up the ladders you can jump off at the left for a capsule.
  • As soon as you reach the top of the ladders, jump to the right, avoiding all of the spikes in the process.
  • After running right, jump on to the first moving platform, wait for the Downtant to attach, jump to the next moving platform, and quickly jump to the stopped one.
  • If you go up, (which is easier and less risky), jump again and climb the ladder on the right, and jump to the moving platform between the Uptant's fire.
  • Jump up to the conveyor belts and start traveling to the left. Beware of the three Astromunds that come at you! Just jump over them and get to the next platform.
  • On that platform, there will be a Chorch waiting for you. Kick it and jump down the ladder.
  • It's much easier to jump off the right side of the platform, you can easily clear the Piedmonts and Kolkaryu.
  • Move to the Piedmont, but move back quickly to avoid the Kolkaryu.
  • Go between the Piedmonts and jump to avoid the Kolkaryu (there may be other ways to avoid him.)
  • Take the capsule; you can't come back and get it later.
  • If you go on the top platform:
  • Avoid the Bendini Sister and the Kolkaryu when crossing the next platform.
  • On the moving platform, jump over the spike and avoid the Piedmont's attack.
  • Jump off.
  • If you take the lower middle platform:
  • Dodge the Bendini Sister.
  • Back up when the Astromund attacks.
  • Dodge the Kolkaryu (not his attacks.) and don't stay a little to it's left (that's where it leaves).
  • Jump over the Old Sage and take the capsule hidden behind it.
  • If you take the bottom platform:
  • Dodge the Bendini Sister, Piedmont, and Kolkaryu's attacks.
  • There's a powerup on the end of the second platform hidden behind the small platform. Get it on the way down.
  • Dodge the Downtant's attack and the Bendini Sister.
  • Dodge the Downtant's attack and the Bendini Sister, again.
  • Jump down and over the pit, where a Downtant waits to shoot you. The next few parts are almost impossible.
  • Walk over in the middle of the platform so you won't get hurt by the Downtants firing away. A Bendini Sister will attack, dodge that.
  • Add to this- my stummy hurts, my tongue is green, and Pan Pan's been kidnapped.
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