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There are two playable characters (with several variations) and one playable aircraft in Stinkoman 20X6. In general, you move with the arrow keys, jump with A, and attack with S.


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Image Description Controls Idle animation Levels Ending Pose
Stinkoman is the main character. He can run and spin-jump, and his attack is a punch that fires a long-range blast, which slowly falls toward the ground as it flies. You can hold down the S key for rapid-fire, although only three blasts can exist at a time. (Note: The range of Stinkoman's blasts was dramatically increased when Level 9 was released.) A - Jump
S - Fire
Yawns 1, 2, 3.3, 6, -0 Double Deuce
When Stinkoman encounters a high wall in Level 3, he overcompensates and ends up jumping high into the sky. In the air, he can only move left and right, and his punching attack does not shoot. He returns to normal once he's back on the ground for the boss fight. A - Nothing
S - Punch
None 3.1, 3.2 N/A
StinkomanStinkofuck you gains one of Stlunko's giant fists after defeating him on Level 3. He uses this fist to keep 1-Up from getting into trouble in the Lava Zone. The fist causes Stinkoman to run very slowly, and he can just barely jump. However, when he attacks, he smashes the giant fist into the ground, destroying nearby enemies and sending showers of rocks down on any enemies below him. Stinkoman automatically blocks lava flows by standing underneath them and raising his fist. When he is not blocking lava, the fi on fist>falls asleeplows snot bubbles 5 1-Up Trophy
In the Ice Zone, Stinkoman is just as normal, with two exceptions: He has poor traction on the ice, and if he stands still too long, he will shiver and eventually turn into an ice block, costing him one unit of health. A - Jump
S - Fire
Loses 1 Energy
7 Double Deuce
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