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*[[twitter:StrongBadActual/statuses/949767712670089217|View teaser trailer on Twitter]]
*[[twitter:StrongBadActual/statuses/949767712670089217|View teaser trailer on Twitter]]
*[[twitter:StrongBadActual/statuses/1078803198125723648|View delay trailer on Twitter]]
*[[twitter:StrongBadActual/statuses/1078803198125723648|View delay trailer on Twitter]]
{{Stinkoman 20X6}}
[[Category:Stinkoman 20X6]][[Category:Entertainment running gags]]
[[Category:Stinkoman 20X6]][[Category:Entertainment running gags]]

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The logo

The tenth level of Stinkoman 20X6 has been delayed for 15 years, despite the first nine levels being created in less than half a year. This may have been because Jonathan Howe moved away after level 9. This hiatus has been referenced a few times in the Homestar Runner body of work.



The second trailer

It will be released in 2019 and will be playable in Flash, according to the previews posted to @StrongBadActual. It will be castle-themed (presumably taking place inside Shadowy Figure's evil fortress), with blue stone walls in the background resembling The King of Town's castle. The background will be decorated with columns, curtains, and stained-glass windows (through which you can see the sky and some gray mountains). The floor is made of gray shiny bricks, with some metallic platforms. There are destructible floor blocks shaped like skulls, which can be jumped on three times to break them. Most of the enemies are also skull-themed. As revealed on @StrongBadActual and The Deleteheads Download, these include:

  • A skeleton that walks back and forth, wearing red clothes. Its clothes have two horizontal yellow lines on the side.
  • The same enemy, but with a gun in place of eyes, and a jet pack it can use to fly. It shoots out three small red balls at a time. Its clothes have three horizontal yellow lines on the side.
  • Thurgood Each — A bigger, fatter version that spits out Rightades. Its clothes have only one yellow shape.
  • Rightade — A jumping wind-up skull.
  • A running armless stick figure with a shiny red object for a head. Two bolts stick out of each side of its head. It runs around the player.
  • A skull that rests on the ground, then springs up as its eyes open.
  • Plonth — A hole in the ground that shoots Soup-Dibs.
  • Soup Dib — A shiny red object.
  • A jumping stack of five green skulls. It must be shot multiple times for each skull to disappear.

In a Sketchbook sketch, another enemy is seen: a walking robot with two antennae. Its game sprite has never been seen, however.

According to the Deleteheads Download GIF, which may or may not reflect the final version of the level, the level starts on a platform consisting of four bricks, a destructible floor block, and eight more bricks. There is one platform above the player, which consists of two bricks, a destructible floor block, and ten more bricks, with four bricks stacked on top, and another four bricks on top of that. A regular skeleton enemy is on the left side. Above it is a six-brick platform with a ladder on the left side. Below the player is a left-and-right-floating metallic platform from level 5. You can jump on the destructible floor block to fall onto the floating platform, which takes you to a six-brick platform with another regular skull enemy.

The second trailer shows a "new edge-fall respawn", where the player returns to the spot where they fell, although it is unknown if it is only for this level, or for the entire game. It also shows a floating Shadowy Figure shooting red balls, most likely the boss of the level. Stinkoman can also be seen becoming muscular (as in time capsule or Twenty THANXty Six) as My Benjes float up around him and the screen flashes white, which may also be part of the boss battle. The boss, in the words of The Brothers Chaps during the Late Nite JengaJam interview, will be huge, very epic, and a nice end to the game.



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