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The animated intro to the Level 10 update of Stinkoman 20X6, brought to you by SmallBu Animation Studio and set to the previously unused Stinkoman theme by Paul and Storm. Featured in-game in compressed vision, a link to the full HD version is revealed upon completing the game.

Cast (in order of appearance): Stinkoman, 1-Up, Pan Pan, Cheatball, Marzi-Mei, Z Sabre

Places: Planet K

Date: Friday, December 20, 2020 (unlisted release as Easter egg); Thursday, December 31, 2020 (full public release)

Running Time: 0:47

Page Title: Stinkoman 20X6 Intro Cinematic



Lyrics Visuals
Stinkoman (Stinkoman)Long shot of Stinkoman covered in shadow slowly walking down a path with his eyes closed. The path is above buildings to the left and trees and mountains to the right. Two green lasers fly to his sides, first to his right then to his left, both exploding when they hit the ground behind him.
Stinkoman (Stinkoman)Cut to a close-up on Stinkoman from a top-down angle as he continues to walk. The explosion begins approaching Stinkoman from behind as more lasers are fired into it.
Fight! {echoes}Zoom in on Stinkoman's face as he opens his eyes and the gem on his face shines. Then zoom into the gem which leads to a blue vector grid area in which Stinkoman's name slides in from the left. Stinkoman then appears in a lightning shaped flash on the right of the screen.
Challenging the fighter, super fighting of the challenge.Chorch comes from the top of the screen, transitioning the scene to an area similar to Level 1. Another Chorch, a Grundy, and a Stobat appear from the bottom of the screen. Two Porchis appear in both of the upper corners.
Twenty. Exty six. {shing}Pan down to Stinkoman, who is standing on the tiled ground from Level 2 with "20X6" written on it in green. He then performs a flip jump and fires a shot from his hand, causing it to recoil.
All among the universe, the victory is flavor.Pan to follow the shot as it heads towards the enemies and splits into multiple blasts, causing all the enemies to explode.
Number one. Of double deuce.Cut to Stinkoman as he lands in another Level 1-like area. Pan Pan then appears from the bottom of the screen, with 1-Up also flipping up from the bottom of the screen before landing on Pan Pan. They then both jump forward as Pan Pan opens his mouth wide. Pan Pan's name then slides in from the top left, and 1-Up's from the bottom right.
There is no time for candy.Zoom in on Pan Pan as he leaves the screen, then zoom out. Pan Pan and 1-Up land with Stinkoman as the three of them look at each other smiling, with Pan Pan embracing the two of them. The Cheatball appears in the background and bounces forward, leaving a cloud of green smoke as he lands.
Only the challenge of fight.The four of them jump into the Stinkowing as it blasts off.
STINKOMAN: {speaking} I will fight a brick wall!Pan to follow the Stinkowing from behind as it flies through an area of green and gray cubes with Level 9 enemies. Stinkoman appears in the bottom left corner of the screen in a green square as he says the line.
Referred to being the guy.The Stinkowing continues to fly through and bounce off the cubes as it passes Reid.
STINKOMAN: {speaking} I will collect many things!Rotate to the front of the Stinkowing as it is chased by Reid, the unnamed robotic octopus, and Dolmerlay. Stinkoman appears in a green trapezoid in the top right saying the line. The Stinkowing then dives underneath a gray cube.
Hero making showdown tonightTwo Sackastanos and one Reid appear in front of the cube. The Stinkowing shoots through the cube, causing an explosion. The Stinkowing then flies through the explosion and blasts upward.
(Challenging the fighting and the fighting of the challenge and the challenge of fighting, the fighting of challenge)Zoom out to show a dark cloudy sky, as the Stinkowing approaches the castle from Level 10 in the background. Many Sackastanos, Semulades, Dolmerlays, Prudenches, and the unnamed robotic octopuses follow behind the Stinkowing.
Stinkoman (Stinkoman), Stinkoman (Stinkoman)Marzi-Mei appears from a pink blast of flower shaped light. Zoom in on Marzi-Mei as she strums on her guitar, emitting a laser causing all the enemies to explode. Then pan up to a large Z Sabre with a glowing dot on his forehead, covered in shadow as lighting strikes behind him. A glimpse of the sky can be seen in the center of the vortex of clouds above.
Fight!Zoom out to see Stinkoman and the Cheatball jumping towards Z Sabre, with 1-Up standing on the Stinkowing behind them. Marzi-Mei floats near the wing of the Stinkowing, with Pan Pan holding onto that wing. Z Sabre's cape stretches over the castle, with the inside of the cape being completely shrouded in shadow. The shot transitions to slow-motion.
STINKOMAN: 20X6! {shing}The vector background with the Stinkoman 20X6 logo falls down from above the screen. From left to right, Pan Pan, Stinkoman, 1-Up, Cheatball, and Marzi-Mei pose below the logo.

Fun Facts


  • The intro song was first previewed by the Brothers Chaps at Georgia Tech on April 26, 2007, who remarked that the song had been recorded "a long time ago". This means the Brothers Chaps had the song in their possession for more than 13 years before it was finally animated and released.
  • Stinkoman is seen killing a Porchi; this enemy is invulnerable in the game.
  • Z Sabre has a more defined facial silhouette, a glowing light in his forehead, more detailed pauldrons, and a hood. This makes him resemble Sigma from Mega Man X.

Real-World References

  • This intro is similar in style to full-motion videos (FMVs) that served as the intro scenes for various Sega CD games, such as Sonic CD.
  • Cheatball is depicted with a hinge-like mouth, making him resemble Haro, the sphere-like mascot from the Gundam franchise.

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