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There are many inside references within Stinkoman 20X6.



Levels 1 to 4

  • The Stobats in Level 2 blow up like the ducks in Duck Guardian One after being hit with the hatch ray.
  • The red and green lamps on Level 2 are similar to the lamps in the bar.
  • Stlunko, the Level 3 boss, bears a slight resemblance to the Visor Robot.
  • The Saargtsson intro cutscene contains yet another appearance of Stinkoman's signature attack, the Double Deuce, this time in the form of a Single Deuce.
  • 1-Up saying "I'm going this way!" is a reference to Meet Marshie.

Level 5

Levels 6 to 9

Left: Ekersby's heart
Right: The King of Town's heart

Level 10


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