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There are numerous bugs in Stinkoman 20X6. Most are unique to some levels, and many others are linked to problems with Flash. Others have been fixed.



  • If you fall long enough and don't touch anything, Stinkoman will stop doing his falling pose and act like he's standing and will even start to yawn. Such a long fall can be found in stage 2.2, 6.1, and 6.2. 1-Up will do this as well, but you can't attempt it on his level.
  • When Stinkoman is about to yawn, his sprite character moves down one pixel.
  • If you manage to die and kill a boss simutaniously, the "Keep Try" "Game Over" screen appears, but then you'll continue the game with one fewer life and no energy.
  • If you press A immediately at the very beginning of a level where Stinkoman starts in the air, Stinkoman will look like he is walking on ground for a moment, and he will then jump in the air.
  • If you jump on the left of a wall enough you can move into it and go out on the other side.

Bugs Concerning Flash

Glitch for Flash 6 and under.
  • Sometimes you can start up a new game and it will be nothing but Stinkoman and the background. Since there's no ground, you can only fall and die. This may be linked to older versions of Flash.
    • A possible reason that this happens is because earlier versions of Flash may not be able to read the levelData xml files.
  • If you use a seek bar, then it is possible to access level Undefined.Undefined. This level is just a grey hole, which Stinkoman is doomed to fall down. Stinkoman's Life Number is always either 8, or not there. Regardless, after he falls down once, the game over screen appears. It is just like a boss arena - the music is from the boss levels, and Stinkoman even shouts "Are you asking for a challenge?" as you enter. The items counter is also shown, as it is in Levels 3 and 9.
  • Fooling with a seek bar towards the beginning of the Flash file allows you to also find an object library of sorts.
  • In the Flash file, if you right click and press forward and play, you get the game over screen but the level music will still play.
    • If you do this on 3.1, Mr. Ubbers and Clowders will fly up in the next level.
    • If you do this on 3.2, bread, apples, and the other stuff from that level will come up in the next level.
  • When playing the flash file, on the "my stummy hurts" screen, click right on the mouse and click play on the small menu and it will take you to the level you were playing. This essentially gives you infinite lives.

Level 1

Stinkoman stands on air!
  • In level 1.1, if you don't kill the Jaro by the first wall and instead just go past it and the wall under the second browntant, the Jaro may be jumping in mid-air.
    • It can even jump through the wall.
  • Sometimes, losing a life in 1.3 will result in Stinkoman returning to the level without ground, causing him to fall to his death. This is also reported to happen in 2.3.

Level 2

Stuck Terrell on level 2.2
  • In the beginning of level 2.2, there's a Terrell just behind a stove. It seems that it's possible for the Terrell to get "stuck" just to the right of the stove. It will continue to hop up and down (without moving horizontally at all), and Stinkoman can pass through the Terrell without becoming injured. It also becomes impossible to kill.
    • Another Terrell (the one above the second burner) on Level 2.1 can get stuck, also.
  • Sometimes, when you shoot Brody's eye, he will keep his head down, enabling you to shoot him again.

Level 3

  • At the release of v7 (Level 9), the Clowders' propellers mysteriously disappeared.

Level 4

A Pink Cham Cham firing only the left laser
  • In Levels 4.1 and 4.2, if a and s are pressed at the same time as you're falling into the level from the left, Stinkoman will float instead of walk.
  • In level 4.2, if you approach a Pink Cham Cham from the left and see only the left side of it as it fires, when you approach towards the right to see the rest of it, it will only have fired the laser on the left side.
    • This may also happen in level -0.1 or -0.2.
  • If you die in level 4.1 or 4.2 by a Poorbt or by falling in the lava, 1-Up keeps walking. If he hits an enemy or a lava-fall before the level restarts, he will die too, and you'll lose 2 lives.
  • In level 4.1 and 4.2, if you walk underneath a lavaflow so the giant fist is above your head, turn around, then quickly tap s, the fist will sometimes not move, but you will hear the fist pound the ground and see the rocks fall anyway.
  • In level 4, when you block a lava fall while holding S, the lava fall will go back for a split second, killing 1-Up if he is under there.
  • No matter how far you stick the giant fist into the lava fall, it is as if the whole fist is under it.

Level 5

  • If you die at the beginning of 5.1 or 5.2 before the ship at the top flies by, it will fly by on the Keep Try screen.
  • A Jaro on one of the conveyor belts on level 5.1 can go behind the wall.

Level 6

  • On level 6.2, after the second Protek, on the bottom level, you go on a series of moving white solid clouds. After killing a Jaro, you have to time yourself to fall through an evaporating cloud to land on another white solid. If you're on the evaporating cloud, and you move to the left, you'll be stuck falling in place on the wall. You can't jump, only move left and right and fire.
    • You can also, if you move far enough to the left, fall to the left of the wall and die.

Level 7

  • In Level 7.1, in around the middle of the level, you can get caught between a wall and an ice platform. Shooting, running and jumping cannot move you; yet jumping towards either side will cause Stinkoman will keep flipping for as long as you hold the arrow keys.
  • In Level 7.1 or 7.2, you will not freeze if you stay on a ladder.
  • In Level 7.1 or 7.2, you will not freeze if you hold the up or down button.
  • In Level 7.1 or 7.2, if you don't move at all after freezing, you won't freeze again.
  • Playing around with a seek bar with Level 7.1 already loaded can allow you to find a spot with every song from every level playing at once.

Level -0

  • When fighting Ekersby, get hit by the spiked foot, and while you're immune, run through its foot under the fridge, and whichever way the door is open, go to the opposite foot's edge and face the door, then jump and fire and repeat. Watch out for the Uptant fire; jump to avoid it.
    • Another way to do this is when Ekersby is forming at the very start, run under him and you should be there.

Level 9

  • When the character dies just as the shield effect wears off (the shield sprite is just beginning to disappear) the sprite will be visible on the Keep Try! screen.
  • Sometimes, during level 9.1, super-speed will not stop until either the end of the next super-speed zone, or until the end of the level. This glitch allows the group of lives and pills at the end of 9.1 to become accescible. The triggers for this glitch have not yet been identified.
  • Occasionally, if you use rapid fire just before you enter a super-speed zone, the shots you shot will be slowed down drastically.

Fixed Glitches

  • When the game was first released, you could skip (press space or click) the first part of the final movie (any part before the MORE LEVELS TO COME SCENE) to enter stage 3.4. It was the Stlunko arena without Stlunko: a slightly elevated platform above the ground with two Pooru-Poorus on either side. You could continue traveling rightwards into a barren land before reaching an endless cliff.
    • This glitch is now fixed. However, if you play the swf you can still play 3.4.
    • This again happened in level 4 when it was first released. However, this glitch has been fixed as well.
      • Also, if you die once on level 4.4 there will be no ground when you return.
  • When version 6 was first released, Level -0 always appeared in the top slot in the CONTINUTE menu even if you scrolled through the levels. This was fixed later in the day.
  • On the day of version 7's release, beating Ekersby would take you to level -0.4 (a completely blank screen, where Stinkoman constantly falls to his death), instead of 9.1 as would be expected. This was fixed later in the day.
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