Steaky Steaky 6 Millenium Edition

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"Nevermind, this is just a steak sandwich, isn't it?"

The Steaky Steaky 6 Millenium Edition was to be Strong Bad's replacement for the Lappy 486, to commemorate his triumphant return to answering emails. In an introduction parodying the Lappy's own in animal, Strong Bad outlined the capabilities of this "processing wonder horse", including sauteed onions and grilled mushrooms, before he realized that it was just a steak sandwich, claiming he was "out-of-practice with this stuff."

Soon after Strong Bad had resorted back to the Lappy, the sandwich was taken by Senor Cardgage, claiming that the Steak Samwich was his "complooter".

"Millenium Edition" may be in vague reference to Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, also called Windows Me, an operating system that was known for its unreliability and frequent crashes.

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