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==See Also==
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==External Links==

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Some Type of Online Auction is an online auction website parodying the well-known auction site eBay, and is occasionally used to sell items.


Breakfast burrito

This auction is accessible from an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email "english paper". It features a partially eaten breakfast burrito, formerly belonging to Strong Bad, which Homestar Runner is attempting to sell. The Cheat is currently the highest bidder.

Page Title: Some Type of Online Auction - Item 33387920212 Breakfast Burrito


Breakfast Burrito (partial)

Item# 33387920212

Current bid: US $3.50
Starting Bid: US $0.03
Quantity: 1
# of bids: 38
Time Left: LOTS
Location: FCUSA

High bidder: cheatachu72
Seller: witchesbrew82


You are bidding on an almost-mint condition Breakfast Burrito. There is some chipping, a few scrapes, and some minor eating damage (see photo). It used to belong to this guy Strong Bad. He's some type of wrestle man. You kids like that kinda stuff, right? So start biddin'.

The Breakfast Burrito is made up of eggs, tomatoes, bacon, onions, cheese, and even those fancy yellow peppers I think. Or maybe that's lemon jello. Either way you win.

Thanks for checking out my auction. (NO THE PLATE IS NOT FOR SALE!! JEEZ!!!)

Fun Facts

  • The tabs at the top of the page read "browse", "search", "buy stuff", "sell stuff", "lunch", and "other".
  • In the DVD Version of "english paper", Homestar reads the description.
  • "Wrestleman" is a nickname often used to refer to Strong Bad.
  • Homestar's screen name references his catchphrase, Witches' Brew.
  • The Cheat's screen name was first seen in i she be and later seen in marzipan.
  • The table containing all of the page has a "title" attribute of "whole page" – this pops up as a tooltip when you hold the mouse over anything on the page.
  • The breakfast burrito is an example of a live-action food.

Instructions for Where's an Egg?

The message on the Videlectrix main page at the release of the playable version of Where's an Egg? read

Ever bought a used game that didn't come with the instruction book?
Hard to play, right? Well, that's just what Videlectrix did with
"Where's an Egg?"! We bought this game overseas years ago and had
no idea how to play it...UNTIL NOW!

This online auction has a single page from the instruction book for sale!
Now everything kind of makes a little bit of sense!
CLICK HERE to play Where's an Egg? right now!

The above links would take the reader to the Where's an Egg game and to the following auction page:

Page Title: Some Type of Online Auction - Item 732458983 Page from Foreign Videomachine Game **RARE STUF**


Page from Foreign Videomachine Game **RARE STUF**

Item# 732458983

Current bid: US $-0.04
Starting Bid: US $0.10
Quantity: 1
# of bids: 1
Time Left: MONTHS
Location: ARBAT ST.

High bidder: lectrix84
Seller: 100rublesguy


Hallo! Thank you all the time for buying this missing page from instruktor book for very very foreign videomachine game 'WHERE AT DID YOU THE EGG PUT?!'. Is page 13, very thrilling page for you, number one show!

Page has many crumples (I DID NOT DO!) and torn one side. Also, it has scribble notes. I have translate the foreign letters very well so that you can read to your American baby wen it does not sleep. Saying this: FIND OUT: WHO IS LYING? WHO TELLS THE TRUTH? WHO HAS AN EGG?

Sorry for the great photographs. I took with 5 of my best kamerafone! Mobile is the future, my main man!

Fun Facts

Russian Transliteration Intended meaning Notes
Узнать Uznat' Find out
Кто лежит? Kto lezhit? Who is lying? Not quite correct; means "Who is lying on the ground?" rather than "Who is telling lies/lying?". The line should be "Кто лжет?" (Kto lzhet?).
Кто говорит правду? Kto govorit pravdu? Who tells the truth?
Кто имеет яйцо? Kto imeet yaico? Who has an egg? Not quite correct; means "Who owns an egg?". The line should be "У кого яйцо?" (U kogo yaico?).

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