Social Media Crap Compilation 1

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"Try new Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch!"

A collection of random short videos originally posted on social media.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Nibbles, Marshie

Places: The Field

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

Running Time: 4:58



{The video opens on a blurred shot of The Field with text that reads "Social Media Crap (in no particular order)" slowly approaching the screen as a jingle plays}

Nibbles So Near

{Cut to Strong Sad against a pink background}

ANNOUNCER: Running low on sugared excitement?

STRONG SAD: {sigh} Bloat...

{A box of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch flies in from the left side and knocks Strong Sad out of the screen, as a spiky red shape with the words "ALL-NEW!!" appears in the corner. Music begins playing.}

ANNOUNCER: Try new Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch! {A white patch with Nibbles on it and "FPm-NsN" at the bottom rises out of the box. The patch flies in front of the camera and onto Strong Sad's arm.} Simply apply, {the screen zooms out to show Strong Sad's body, silhouetted, with pink arrows throughout it, with lots of Nibbles coming out of the patch and going through the arrows, as the patch grows and shrinks} and enjoy a gradual drip of marshalade all day long!

STRONG SAD: {relieved sigh} Float!

{The patch flies in front of the camera}

NIBBLES: That's right! I'm a... mess you up!

{Marshie flies in wearing a hat, and knocks Nibbles out of the screen}

MARSHIE: Don't you talk that way to my constituents! {Marshie winces in pain as the noise of an electric shock plays. The commercial suddenly pauses, and PAUSE appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen.}

World Puppet Day

{Puppet Strong Bad stands in front of the orange curtain.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: In honor of World Puppet Day, everyone's getting...

{Puppet Strong Bad quickly ducks; the scene jump-cuts to the same position as he lifts up his head again, now with a small, beige, limp balloon attached to the bottom of his silver crest.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {shouting and shaking}...generic oblong puppet noseeees!

{The music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays. Slide transition to the same curtain scene, with Puppet Marshie replacing Strong Bad. Marshie has a similar red balloon attached to his nose.}

PUPPET MARSHIE: I'm even more of an abomination!

{Slide transition again, with Puppet Doreauxgard instead. He has a green balloon attached to his nose.}

DOREAUXGARD: Nobody knows what I look like anyways!

{Another slide transition, back to Puppet Strong Bad.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Finally, a generic puppet nose to go with my generic grumpy puppet mouth! {shakes quickly}

{Slide transition to The Exact Same, who has a pink balloon attached slightly below the area between his eyes.}

THE EXACT SAME: Well, despite all of this, I am still The Exact Same!

{Slide transition to Puppet The Cheat, who has a purple balloon attached between his eyes; due to the size and placement of the balloon, they are mostly obscured.}

PUPPET THE CHEAT: {Loud The Cheat noises}

{Slide transition to Puppet Homestar Runner, who is oriented in profile as usual. Only one of his eyes is visible, and he has a blue balloon attached above his top lip. Homestar quickly turns and faces the camera head-on, revealing the other eye diametrically opposite of the first. The music stops.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {nasal, shouting} This is great! I can really breathe through this thing!

{He inhales (making a strange buzzing sound) and exhales alternately, twice.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Listen to those nasal passages! This is a new day for {even more nasal} Homestar Runner!

{He attempts to clear his throat twice, making a disgusting noise, then turns and confidently walks away stage left.}

Craze-O Facemake

=== Teen Trog Squad

Craze-O Facemake 2

Strong Bag

Decemberween Cookies

A Decemberween Snowment


Reverse Cup Trophy

Watermelon Homeslice

Fun Facts


Nibbles So Near

World Puppet Day

  • World Puppet Day (also called World Puppetry Day) is a holiday falling on March 21st every year.
  • The Trogdor-drawing music from dragon plays in World Puppet Day. A few months after the video was originally posted, the music would go on to be better known as the Skills of an Artist theme.
  • Marshie being an abomination is a reference to Gel-arshie's quote from winter pool.
  • The Exact Same's line echoes his line from Main Page 25.

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